2 Oct 2018

train service dogHere at Service Dogs by SDWR, or SDWR, we get requests from individuals every day that ask us if we will train their dog for them. SDWR only works from highly qualified and vetted breeders that we know we can trust in addition to breeding our own purebred golden, labradors, and doodles. There are many reasons as to why we do this. Please read below to understand why SDWR does not train dogs outside of the organization.


One of these reasons is health concerns. We cannot be 100% assured of an outside dog’s medical history, predisposed genetic problems, or any current or potential diseases it may become in contact with or exposed to. By using our own qualified breeders we limit the exposure to these dangers. Our dogs strictly use only our approved veterinarians whom we have been working with for years and know that we can trust their medical expertise. With outside dogs we have no experience with whatever veterinary services they’ve used in the past.


Another reason we don’t train outside dogs is that we can not be fully certain of how another dog outside of our approved breeders will act. We have the history on our dogs and know their training and experiences from puppyhood. SDWR clients go through an extensive screening process in which our staff gathers a lot of essential information to match a dog to their lifestyle.

Qualified Breeding

By breeding our own dogs and trusting only qualified breeders, we can feel confident in putting the SDWR logo on our custom trained and respected service dogs. This is not only to protect ourselves as an organization, but also to protect our clients in knowing that they are getting the best service dogs possible to provide them daily support for their invisible disability.

Service Dogs by SDWR, or SDWR, provides custom-trained service dogs for invisible disabilities such as Autism, Diabetes, PTSD, and Seizure Disorders. What makes SDWR’s training program so unique is that no travel is required by the client. Our trainers deliver our service dogs and provide ongoing in-home personalized training. If you have any other questions about our Service Dog Raiser Program please visit our FAQ page. For more information visit www.sdwr.org or call (540) 543-2307.