REPORTS TO: President

Full-time, non-exempt position.

**Occasional mandatory nights and weekends required for event management.**


This position provides a broad range of support, including administrative and customer service for departments within Canine Community Programs. It also takes primary responsibility for coordinating the assignment and transportation of puppies to appropriate homes, in the most timely, safe and cost-effective ways.


  • Manage the Organization’s Service Dog Raising Program including selection, placement and monitoring of well being and socialization of puppies.
  • Recruit and assess, supervise, train and support volunteer Service Dog Raisers with a view to ensuring physically and temperamentally sound puppies suitable to be trained as Service Dogs.
  • In conjunction with the Kennel Master, Training Director, & Executive staff of SDWR, develop and implement a Service Dog Raising Program with key goals and objectives documenting each puppy’s progression.
  • Provide comprehensive reports and statistical data in regards toService Dog Raising Program
  • Respond to requests from internal and external sources such as sponsor visits, pup-dates and promotional activities
  • Ensure enquiries and complaints are addressed and documented in accordance with Complaints policy and procedures.
  • Ensure accurate and timely recording of data on the Organizations electronic Client Management System and Volunteer database.
  • Ensure all internal and external communications are current including Service Dogs website and Service Dog Raising Manual.
  • Ensure all puppies have received appropriate vet care and this vet care is recorded and updated within the internal data base.
  • Ensure records such as registration, identification and breeding information is documented in Data Base.
  • Arrange and manage boarding requirements for puppies in the program.
  • Represent SDWR and participate in staff and community education programs, positively promoting the program and its standard of excellence
  • Achieve outcomes in accordance with Functional Business Plan objectives
  • Act as the primary contact with Puppy Suppliers to ensure timely intake of suitable pups has occurred in line with the established Puppy Intake and Training Schedule.
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies and procedures.
  • Work in collaboration with Senior Service Dogs Instructor to ensure successful achievement of Service Dogs units.
  • Ensure training and all other work is carried out in a safe manner at all times and take appropriate remedial action when hazards are observed.


  • Deliver at least 6 presentations per year to community groups
  • Achieving and documenting results against Functional Business Plan
  • Puppy acquisition and supply is maintained in accordance with program requirement.
  • Ensure adequate numbers of volunteer service dog raisers/boarders are recruited and trained to accommodate the planning schedule and other program needs.
  • Monthly meetings with Senior Service Dog Instructor to review progress of puppies in order to successfully transition puppies into the Service Dog training phase.
  • All data entry; including but not limited to; CMS, spreadsheets regarding breeding, vet care, volunteer information to be completed within 48 hours of contact.
  • Website is relevant to the program and is current at any given date.
  • Evidence of training plan detailing activities, documentation and assessment is provided at supervision sessions.
  • A minimum score to be achieved against set requirements at 6 monthly reviews of the training program.
  • Inquiries and complaints are dealt with within agreed timeframes
  • Ensure that all puppies meet all official requirements for registration e.g. microchips, local council registration etc.
  • Evidence that boarding process is maintained enabling prompt placements to occur.
  • Bi-annual program evaluation and review to achieve continuous improvement


  • Provide administrative support to the office, department managers, and vice president across different programs including Service Dog Raising, Dog Placement, Campus Volunteers, Foster Care and Breeding as needed. This includes, but is not limited to, handling administrative and clerical duties, phone calls, internet inquiries, and mail correspondence in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Coordinates the logistics of the puppy placement process, including assigning and transporting puppies to appropriate homes, either by ground or by air. Assists in the coordination of the puppy naming process.
  • Coordinate all air transportation of dogs and puppies within SDWR Volunteer Service Dog Raiser Program.
  • Recruitment of additional SDWR Volunteers for Service Dog Raiser Program. Includes, but is not limited to; Orchestration, creation and attendance of SDWR Service Dog Raiser Recruitment event dates within communities.
  • Oversight with ensuring that all Volunteers stay compliant with the bi weekly check in forms and that volunteers participate in the journal of each puppy through our social media page as an editor of content.
  • Develops a high level of cross-training with other administrative staff in SDWR Volunteer Service Dog Raiser Program, maintaining the ability to cover for vacation or other absences.
  • Coordinates communications regarding changes to puppy status in the service dog raising home, including raiser transfers, spay/alter requests and coordinates all raiser application and other paperwork.
  • Represents department on selected committees as needed. Undertakes or assists with special department projects, events and other duties as assigned related to both department-level and organization-level events.
  • Adheres to our organization’s safety policies and procedures and encourages others to do the same. Promptly reports incidents and accidents according to campus procedures.
  • Undertakes other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum three years’ experience in administrative positions, requiring collaboration, teamwork, and initiative.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of MAC applications.
  • Experience with Salesforce a plus, but not required.
  • Self-starter with good communication, organizational and collaborative skills.
  • Ability to educate and interact positively with staff and volunteers.
  • Able to perform duties such as filing, placing/getting objects or materials near or on the floor and overheard, and work extensively at a keyboard and on the phone.
  • High school diploma or equivalent. AA or business/technical schooling preferred.



  • Working knowledge of current legislation and standards relating to Service Dogs.
  • Ability to maintain professional boundaries and management of client/volunteer expectations.
  • Hands-on experience with training adults to achieve key deliverables.
  • Demonstrated experience with reporting and database management.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and an ability to foster positive relations and influence outcomes.
  • Operate with minimal supervision and a high degree of independence in undertaking the duties of the position
  • Current Background Clearance Certificate and Working With Children Check.
  • Knowledge of puppy development and puppy raising practice.
  • Confident public presentation skills.
  • Current drivers license.

Please be aware that this job description is subject to change; other functions may be assigned/reassigned at the discretion of management.

I understand that this job description does not represent an employment contract.

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