The SDWR Difference

service dogThe Benefits of Choosing SDWR

  • We travel directly to each client for delivery 4-5 days to place the service dog.
  • After placement, we provide follow through and follow up training over 18 months to customize each dog for each recipient as we return every 3-4 months for 2-4 days.
  • We provide dogs that are between 1-2 years of age at delivery with countless hours of training so that all we have to focus in on is acclimation, integration, and customization.
  • We provide private one on one training for each client we serve.
  • We return every two years after for customized training because your service dog should fit your life.
  • We use full bred Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.
  • We provide a fully comprehensive service dog program, unlike any other organization.
  • We are a global organization that travels internationally.
  • We have nearly 20 chapters in nearly 20 states.
  • We utilize volunteers to help hand raise our puppies until they are easy to be placed.
  • We have a client services team to help each family defray any costs associated with obtaining a service dog.
  • We are charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies totally on donations. Donations may be tax deductible to donors.
  • We are more experienced with the over 500 service dogs successfully placed.
  • We have no age restrictions or geographical restrictions.

Other Organizations:

  • You travel to them for only a crash course of 2-3 days in most cases and in some others 1-2 weeks.
  • No organization is as comprehensive offering the follow through or follow up training after placement. You are basically on your own afterward.
  • Very few if any organizations offer support in campaigning to help offset costs.
  • Most use rescue dogs with no known health, genetic or temperament backgrounds.
  • Most organizations require ” red tape and hoops” to jump through and don’t serve if you are too young, too old, too severe, out of their service area, not diagnosed for long enough, etc.