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Diabetic Alert Dog Reviews

"Our daughter's service dog was delivered this week and we are so thrilled with everything from the dog to the trainer. Cheri was amazing and I can't describe the impact she had on our family. She was so calm and relaxed and put us at ease. Mavis is just the most beautiful and special dog. When she alerted the first time, it was truly a touching and special moment. Our daughter Haley has quickly formed a bond with her and we know it will just get stronger and stronger. I cannot say enough good things about this organization from beginning until now. I feel like we have a family. An incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and special family. We are so thankful for SDWR, Cheri and Mavis. We can't wait to see her again soon." -Cara

"Big huge shout out to SDWR!!!! ????Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers ???? With Sugar by my side, diabetes will never take us down!!! She will not leave his side at night except to run to my room & wake me❤️ (example: 1st. walk her paws along the side of my bed, then triple paws to my back & if I still don't get up she barks at me. I have been trained too! It has been a Roller coaster from hell the past couple of months but I swear even w/her sleepy eyes staring back at mine we are smiling at each other because he's safe once again. My Super Sugar is a gift from heaven!!!! GREAT LOW SUG!!!! Love to my SDWR Family"- Angelina
"Brock has been on a roller coaster this week. His numbers keep 27 crashing. We've had to use the glucagon shot twice. It's been rough. Brock was tired tonight. So we checked him before he laid down in case he fell asleep. BS 178. Good number. About 30 min into him falling asleep....Peyton Manning came flying out of the bedroom. He jumped IN my chair and pawed my face multiple times....he was acting crazy. I said "should we check your boy" and he flew off the chair and went directly to the checker. I checked Brock....who was sound asleep. Blood Sugar 30!!!! If that dog would not of alerted me, I would not of checked Brock till midnight. And we all know by that point it would not of been good. At 30 I could barley get him to drink....glucagon shot again!! Brock is resting quietly with his number up to 97. Peyton Manning has laid back down to rest. It's going to be long night for me....I'm just sick to my stomach but thank God Peyton Manning is here to help. It's amazing how quickly things can turn for the worse. This disease is 24 hours a day keeping your child alive. Very exhausting."- Susan
"We are Thankful & Blessed by Sugar Every. SINGLE. DAY. Our girl works around the clock for not one, but TWO diabetics in the house. My Vet raves every visit about her coat, her teeth, her proper weight, her behavior.. I could go on and on. We are forever grateful for Dan Warren and Warren Retrievers"- Melissa
"In the 4 years we have had Kai he has grown into the most amazing service dog. In those 4 years we have not had to call the paramedics ONCE. Something that was almost a monthly occurrence, stopped. The paramedics in Valley Park do not know Brad’s name because of Kai. This is something my family is so grateful for. SDWR gave us that. Just last night at 2am, Kai started whining. Brad had fallen asleep on the couch. He got up on the couch and whined and started pawing Brad. I was dead asleep in the room. I heard Kai and woke up to find Brad awake and Kai alerting. Brad checked. He was 94. The blood sugar range that Kai alerts to is 100 to 180. Brad was out of range and our bubs knew it. He saved his life once again. Brad was able to wake up, check, give Kai treats and fix his coming low. Before that blood sugar would have been a super low (around 35ish) and I would have had to call the paramedics to come give Brad an IV. Kai came into our lives and changed the course of our lives. He is my baby boy and he is Brad’s life saver."- Tiffany
"I went through the process of receiving Charlie in 2012. I was told up front what to expect. I would receive a dog that went through scent training, and I would be responsible for keeping up, and improving that tool in time, with their trainers. They would be there for me whenever I needed them, and that is exactly what happened. I received Charlie through Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers on August 31, 2013. He was, and still is a very healthy boy, who is a tremendous part of our family. Without my sweet blood sugar sniffer, I know I would have died. Thank you Dan Warren, and all of your staff, for allowing me, and my family to have this time together."- Kimberlie
"I have had my Diabetic Alert Dog, Gadget, for 2 years and 13 days now. He is everything and more that SDWR promised. They have followed through with all trainings and details that were outlined from the beginning. Gadget alerts to high and low bloodsugars. He retrieves my meter. He also alerts my kids if I do not respond to his alert. He alerts on my dad who is a Type 2 diabetic. Since I received Gadget, I have not had 1 seizure or hospital stay due to hypo or hyperglycemic attacks. Gadget is MY lifeline. He is known throughout my town and the money was raised within 5 months for him. Everyone loves Gadget and watches him alert to me. He alerts my kids when I am not at home and he is there with them. (CALL IT CRAZY BUT IT HAPPENS!) I am a teacher at the high school in Pittsburg where he attends w/ me and I also have a cheerleading & tumbling business where he is accepted and works. They are what they say. They provided me the best God given animal possible! I have referred many others to them since then."- Kristi
“Miracle is our Diabetic Alert Dog from SDWR. Both of my children have type one diabetes. We have had Miracle just over a year and he works for both of my children. In the time we have had him he has lowered both of my children's A1C's. They went from and A1C of 12 and 13 to 8.3 and 8.6. He is always on top of every low or high 15 to 20 minutes before it happens. He has saved my children countless times and each Alert continues to amaze me. I am so thankful for Dan Warren and his amazing staff. Dan has always been available to talk with me and answer any question I have. This was truly and investment worth making. Thank you SDWR for giving my children their life back.” -April
“3 years ago today, Doc came into our home and into our hearts. These two have an unbreakable bond. We are forever grateful to SDWR & Dan. I can't wait to snap a picture of these guys running wild and free at Ride Between the Rivers, our favorite weekend (Camp Kno-Koma is of course our favorite week!) of the summer. ” -Kelly
"Update on Sweetie!! TJ had a Dr's appointment today. Normal check up with his Endo. They of course checked his A1C.....and it was.....7.4!!!!!!! We literally have not seen such a good number since he was first diagnosed! !!! I love Sweetie and everything she does to help my son stay healthy!!!! He is now considered to be in the normal bloodsugar range for a type1!! Yes it can get better but praise God for what it is. This is the exact reason that we couldn't give up on raising money to get his service dog! I did scream pretty loud when I seen the TJ is thinking he might need a hearing aid now! Lol thank you SDWR!!"- Amy
"I know I've said it in the past, but it needs to be said again...thank you for matching us with Sunny.  She is incredible.  As you know, we were at a GSD conference last week.  Many people and families saw Sunny in action.  She loves showing off in front of people so I was not surprised she stepped up her game.  Two years ago we were at a similar conference and a few families looked at getting service dogs.  One of those families thought 25k was too expensive so they spent 16k on a pet that is not a service dog.  I guess a few of them tried the do it yourself way -also didn't work.  While we got criticism for "overspending" at the time, sunny is still standing proud and a great example of what a service dog should do."- Anna
“I would like to take a moment to share with you what an absolute blessing SDWR has been to my family. From the first phone call when I spoke with Dan Warren, I knew this was the place for us. He was so kind and patient. He took the time to answer every question I had. SDWR never lost touch with us as we waited for our dog to be delivered. One year ago today, an SDWR trainer delivered our diabetes alert dog. The impact our service dog has had on our lives has been amazing! Both my daughter and my husband have type one diabetes. Our service dog has been such an incredible helpmate for me as the wife & mother. As questions arise, the training staff is easy to contact. They are so wonderful about making themselves available. Not only do they help with ideas for our dog, they offer up so much support! If one idea doesn't work, they are all set to try another! My family looks forward to every training visit! SDWR is an amazing group! We are so blessed to be a part! We could not ask for more.”-Charlie
“Had one of those ‘low’ nights last night. Zuker woke me up at 3:38AM and I thought it was because he had to go out. As we were walking through the house I kept getting nose touches to my hand. Checked Matt and he was 69. This was just after treating him for a low of 62 at 1:15AM. Love our Zuker and thank you God for creating such amazing dogs for SDWR!”-Cindy

Autism Service Dog Reviews

"So many people often ask me, 'What is Romeo’s job? How does he help Olivia?' This picture says most of it... Olivia had a small cluster of seizures... Romeo laid on top of her chest, nose to nose feeling her breathe, this was after she came around and was wiping drool from her mouth... still with her.. He not only alerts me, but he stays with her the whole time. He also calms her anxiety, prevents elopement and is her very best friend in the whole world..... we love our boy... If you don’t believe in miracles, you haven’t witnessed this moment... A picture speaks a thousand words..... #sdwrstrong

"Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has become more than a service dog provider to us, you have become a part of our family. We got the idea of a service dog for our two Autistic boys back in January 2015, when our family dog Meeko, a chihuahua, sat next to our 4 year old during a meltdown. He started petting her and immediately stopped crying and screaming. During the next few weeks we continued testing this behavior and every time the same result. I then started searching on the internet and found that there were service dogs for autism. Wow, I was so excited! However, the waiting lists were very long and some companies weren't even taking any more names at that time. Then I came across Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. It was you that provided hope and guidance that meeting our pledge was attainable. Meeting families I could talk and relate too who already had a service dog by Warren Retrievers, well, after that, I was all in. I knew this was our next step for our boys. We finished our fundraising in two and a half months and Jaxson, our new service dog, was all ours. On our first training day we were able to take our two boys into a store and have lunch. Something we haven't been able to do since they were babies. Both our boys have a lot of difficulty with transitions, new places, noises and distractions. On the second day of training it was more of the same. I saw calmness, independence, and happy children. SDWR has been so helpful in so many ways. The support they provide is amazing! Cheri, one of the autism service dog trainers, even came to our school to provide support and information at an IEP (individual education plan) meeting. Everyday Jaxson provides something to our family, from riding to school for easier transition to search and rescue, which we are currently working on for our nonverbal 5 year old. The growth that I have seen in both our boys from having Jaxson has been amazing. There has been improved eye contact and speech in both our boys. Our nonverbal child is now singing songs and repeating clips from his favorite movies. And our sensitive- emotional child is finding comfort and peace with his daily activities. Our boys are so young and Jaxson is only a year old as well. I can only imagine what it will look like for us in few years. I am so excited for them and for our future as a family! Thank you SDWR from the bottom of our hearts!"- Crystal
"One yr ago today, Bentley got Jake! Our lives change in so many positive ways! We've seen so much progress from Bentley! Jake and Bentley have a wonderful bond and it's been visible ever since day one! I hardly can remember how nervous I was on how this would work and how it would effect our daily lives. Today, it's like Jake has been with us and our daily routines forever! It was so easy to adjust and totally worth it! Can't wait to see many more years of this and what their futures hold together as "best buds". Today and always, #thankful4sdwr"- Meagan
"My son, Tripp is able to do so many more things with Jake by his side. And these people have become close friends of ours over the past year. They are genuine and they care. Many of you have seen Jake work on social media. He is amazing and the difference he has made in Tripp's life is unexplainable."- Carrie
"This morning I write to you in relief. A relief that a tired mother of a child on the severe end of the autism spectrum rarely gets. Carter has had nose bleeds for around 3 years. They are bad, he panics when he bleeds and that makes things worse. We have cauterized his nose, we have made trips to the ER, we have been at our wits end. Our biggest problem has been that by the time I am aware of his nosebleeds it is already so bad it is almost impossible to control.  Almost two years ago we decided to start the process to get a service dog for Carter. We wanted him to have emotional support, protection from wandering, and help with his aggression.  A little over a year ago Happy came home to live with us, and immediately changed our lives. He did all we wanted him to do and MORE!!!! About two weeks after he came Carter had a middle of the night nosebleed. Happy came to my bedside and woke me up. This first time took some prodding by Happy but I finally got up and went to see what was wrong. I found Carter in the hallway covered in blood. The next time Happy came to my bedside I immediately responded and caught a nosebleed before it even woke Carter! A few months ago we added a humidifier to Carter’s room and his nosebleeds stopped! We hadn’t had one in almost 4 months. Then early last week he broke his humidifier. Last night he had a nosebleed. It was awful! What was not awful though, Happy! He alerted me the minute Carter started tossing, turning, and sniffling in bed. It did take me a little longer to react because it had been so long, but he did his job!!! Then he sat right beside Carter through it all, even getting a little blood from Carter’s hands on his yellow coat. He cuddled my boy as I tried to calm him and stop the bleeding. Then when I put Carter into my bed, Happy slept right at the edge closest to Carter for the rest of the night. Carter was able to rest and so was I knowing Happy was on the job! This is not what we signed up for, it is better! I could have never imagined all the ways Happy would learn to support us! He is a gift we treasure, and a support we need! Thank you Dan, trainers, and puppy raisers for making this possible for families like mine!"- Markeeta
"I'm writing to update you on our satisfaction with SDWR and how much Charlie has enriched our lives in his role as an Autism Service Dog. As of today, Charlie has been with us 18 months. From the first day of delivery, Charlie respected Rebecca's differences and understood she needed a different approach from the other kids. He was drawn to her without any specialized training to do so and knew just how to make his introduction, as if he had read a book about children withautism. Their relationship has grown over the past 18 months. When we travel he is often on her lap in the car and making her burst out in laughter. When we go out in public her behavior is more appropriate and she is less likely to spin, wander, and make random vocalizations. When she has her meltdowns, he is at the ready, willing to intervene, even neutralizing an ongoing tantrum in seconds with a few nudges to the cheek and licks to the face. Mostly commonly I find her with him petting him with her feet as she rests on the sofa or the bed, reading a book, watching TV, or laughing at the visions she sees in her head that I am not aware of." -Samantha
“Charlie, our 10yo daughter's Autism Service Dog, has been a most wonderful therapeutic addition to our family of six. He provides a wonderful calming, positive energy. Within the first few weeks of his arrival we enjoyed improved behavior, minimal meltdowns, a burst in language, and an improved sleep pattern. He has been at the ready to serve as an emotional support as well as a sensory tool in calming her through emotional outbursts and stressful situations. In public outings he aids keeping her focused with more appropriate behavior, including walking along side a cart rather than wandering or spinning down the aisles, and staying seated throughout a meal rather than being restless or making unusual noises. Additionally, Charlie has served as an ambassador for autism awareness. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.”-Samantha
“While Merrick was in school, I took my second son for his first run at the park ♥ he absolutely loved it. And I have to admit, it was very therapeutic for me. As a mom, always crying for a child with special needs and working full time, it's hard to decompress. Toby is such a miracle worker for us.” -Jessica
“Cheri left us last night and today is our first day alone with Toby. In the car today, Merrick had a meltdown. I asked him if he needed to count as this will break him from being focused on what is causing the melt down and help him stay calm. He counted to three (usually counts to 20), stopped, and asked "Can I pet Toby?" I was amazed. I directed Toby to Merricks car seat and he went and kissed Merrick while Merrick petted him. It was such a breakthrough.” -Jessica

We are writing to tell you how happy we are with Loki, Ruthie's ASD Service Dog. We envisioned what we would like and Loki exceeded all our hopes! He quickly adapted and has become a significant part of the family - like he's been here for years. He has already, in the almost 3 weeks we've had him, helped Ruthie settle at times and with redirection from the struggles of simple tasks like hair brushing to more difficult experiences such as the dentist. We will be working on blocking and searching for Ruthie soon. Their bond is getting stronger daily.
We would also like to compliment your organization and your team. From the very beginning, during our initial phone conversation, you were clear and straight forward about the entire process. There were no surprises along the way. All my emails were responded to by your team promptly and all questions were answered clearly with assurance that I could call or email if I needed more assistance. SDWR's professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the dogs, families, volunteers and disabilities themselves are most commendable.
We look forward to our continued work with SDWR along this journey! Having the added stress of the disabilities and knowing we have support from SDWR and from the dogs themselves adds a huge sense of security, not just as an added tool, but as a fluffy family member who is full of affection and love and loves their person just as they are.
Respectfully & Appreciatively,
Mike, Laura & Ruthie

Seizure Response Dog Reviews

“Jerzy has been an amazing addition to our family. He arrived to our house in May for our daughter who has a seizure disorder and is non-verbal. Jerzy and our daughter have become such sweet and wonderful friends. They attend school together on a daily basis and he even rides the bus. They go to adaptive horseback riding, swimming and biking lessons together and he enjoys watching over her from the side lines. Jerzy has done a wonderful job at responding to her seizures...and does a great job at comforting her after the seizure. Everyone at SDWR has been amazing. The trainers worked great with us and we're always so patient and helpful. Thank you!!”

-The Verrill Family
"I had a seizure in the yard yesterday afternoon, Dexter laid next to me. My wife looked out the window and came out. He wasn’t at my head but he was right next to me. He is doing well. My seizure activity is about 2x’s a day so he has been getting a lot of practice lately(unfortunately)."- Aaron
We received our service dog in May of 2014. Jerzy arrived to us on a Tuesday morning and he alerted to our daughter having a seizure about 8 hours later. Having Jerzy be part of our family has been a relief. He is always watching over his girl. Jerzy has attended school and rides the bus back and forth w/ Cynthia. In our time of having Jerzy in our lives we have found he's not only a seizure alert service dog he is also a great friend and amazing cheerleader. He goes to many of Cynthia's activities and watches her very closely from the sidelines. - Stacy

PTSD Service Dogs

"Dear SDWR Folks,
Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to the local state park to give our dogs some time to play together. While we were there we had a wonderful meeting with one of your dogs and the veteran he was assisting. I have never had the opportunity to speak with a veteran suffering from PTSD, and the experience, especially as far as the dog was concerned, was touching and eye opening. Your dog Lucas, has changed this man’s life! He loves that beautiful, chocolate lab like a child, and he took every opportunity possible to share how much Lucas has helped him to get out and enjoy life again. He credited Lucas with his walk at the park that day and the opportunity to get out and meet people, rather than remaining isolated at home.
I listened eagerly to his descriptions of the marvelous training and support he gets from SDWR and the constant contact he has with the organization. I couldn’t help but marvel at all the ways this service dog is touching his life! He was looking forward to an upcoming visit with you all in Virginia, and he recounted the care he and Lucas received from the trainers.
Lucas was a beautifully mannered young dog–wise and gentle for his young age. We enjoyed meeting him very much, and he played wonderfully with our labs. This was a total delight to all, and his handler’s eyes glowed with pleasure as he watched the group of beautiful labs run, tug, romp in the water, and enjoy each other’s company. I want to commend you all for this wonderful work. After hearing and observing this man and his beloved service dog, I can say with confidence that this program WILL make a difference in the lives of our veterans. I left the park with a full heart, and I wanted to share that with you this morning. Good work, SDWR! Your dogs are changing lives for the better!
Franklin, Vermont"

I just wanted to give you an update as to Lucas and how much he is helping me with my PTSD and feel more safe in life.  Today during the early morning hours I was having a nightmare; which are vivid and realistic.  Lucas woke me from my nightmare by licking my face and hands repeatedly as well as standing over me as I opened my eyes.
I hugged Lucas as he laid next me and was able to return to a state of serenity.  He is so calm and has sweet soulful eyes.  He is truly amazing and I feel as if he performs his tasks as if he has been doing it for years.
I hope you are doing okay and know that I am praying for you and your family.  I know how it feels to be powerless and it can be so hard for a "care taker professional" such as yourself and I.    I just want to let you know that you are not alone and I can't thank you enough for everything you do for me.
God bless,  Jason

#SDWRStrong Families

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