“Had one of those ‘low’ nights last night. Zuker woke me up at 3:38AM and I thought it was because he had to go out. As we were walking through the house I kept getting nose touches to my hand. Checked Matt and he was 69. This was just after treating him for a low of 62 at 1:15AM. Love our Zuker and thank you God for creating such amazing dogs for SDWR!”

“I would like to take a moment to share with you what an absolute blessing SDWR has been to my family. From the first phone call when I spoke with Dan Warren, I knew this was the place for us. He was so kind and patient. He took the time to answer every question I had. SDWR never lost touch with us as we waited for our dog to be delivered. One year ago today, an SDWR trainer delivered our diabetes alert dog. The impact our service dog has had on our lives has been amazing! Both my daughter and my husband have type one diabetes. Our service dog has been such an incredible helpmate for me as the wife & mother. As questions arise, the training staff is easy to contact. They are so wonderful about making themselves available. Not only do they help with ideas for our dog, they offer up so much support! If one idea doesn’t work, they are all set to try another! My family looks forward to every training visit! SDWR is an amazing group! We are so blessed to be a part! We could not ask for more.”

“I know I’ve said it in the past, but it needs to be said again…thank you for matching us with Sunny. She is incredible. As you know, we were at a GSD conference last week. Many people and families saw Sunny in action. She loves showing off in front of people so I was not surprised she stepped up her game. Two years ago we were at a similar conference and a few families looked at getting service dogs. One of those families thought 25k was too expensive so they spent 16k on a pet that is not a service dog. I guess a few of them tried the do it yourself way -also didn’t work. While we got criticism for “overspending” at the time, sunny is still standing proud and a great example of what a service dog should do.”

“Update on Sweetie!! TJ had a Dr’s appointment today. Normal check up with his Endo. They of course checked his A1C…..and it was…..7.4!!!!!!! We literally have not seen such a good number since he was first diagnosed! !!! I love Sweetie and everything she does to help my son stay healthy!!!! He is now considered to be in the normal bloodsugar range for a type1!! Yes it can get better but praise God for what it is. This is the exact reason that we couldn’t give up on raising money to get his service dog! I did scream pretty loud when I seen the number…so TJ is thinking he might need a hearing aid now! Lol thank you SDWR!!”

“3 years ago today, Doc came into our home and into our hearts. These two have an unbreakable bond. We are forever grateful to SDWR & Dan. I can’t wait to snap a picture of these guys running wild and free at Ride Between the Rivers, our favorite weekend (Camp Kno-Koma is of course our favorite week!) of the summer. ”

“Miracle is our Diabetic Alert Dog from SDWR. Both of my children have type one diabetes. We have had Miracle just over a year and he works for both of my children. In the time we have had him he has lowered both of my children’s A1C’s. They went from and A1C of 12 and 13 to 8.3 and 8.6. He is always on top of every low or high 15 to 20 minutes before it happens. He has saved my children countless times and each Alert continues to amaze me. I am so thankful for Dan Warren and his amazing staff. Dan has always been available to talk with me and answer any question I have. This was truly and investment worth making. Thank you SDWR for giving my children their life back.”