Service Dog for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

ServicePaw2Warren Retrievers has developed a proprietary and unique program for training dogs to support individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Not only can service dogs provide an overall calming effect for the child on the autism spectrum, there are a number of tasks the dogs can be taught. These tasks include finding the child if lost, serving as a stationary ballast in the case of elopement and providing redirection from repetitive or self injurious behaviors among other tasks.

When paired with a service dog, children on the autism spectrum often have improved sleep patterns, increased social interaction and better ability to express themselves.


Warren Retrievers is a world-class breeder of high quality Labrador Retrievers and our exceptional breeding program results in dogs of the highest quality suitable for service work.  This partnership, between excellent breeding and unsurpassed training, allows us to offer our clients another tool with which to better manage their life of dealing with a spectrum disorder. Breeding standards at Warren Retrievers are of unsurpassed rigidity and quality.


Our program is specifically tailored for each of our client’s unique needs.  We listen to what you tell us and we create a program that targets your primary concerns.  In order to adequately provide you with information about our program, we would need to speak with you so that we can appropriately address your concerns..  Our goal is to provide peace of mind to everyone in the family.

We encourage you to contact us so we can speak to you directly about our great program!