Service Dogs

Service Dogs aim to aid those that live with an invisible illness, including Diabetes, Autism, Asperger’s, Seizure Disorders, and PTSD. With high-quality breeding and intensive training, SDWR service dogs are reliable companions in increasing safety and quality of life. SDWR places pure bred golden and labrador retrievers. We also use doodles on a required medical necessity which will be validated by our organization with the recipient’s doctor.

Dogs For Invisible Disabilities

service dogsThanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act, Service Dogs are no longer just for the blind. Our dogs can provide emotional and social support, as well as assistance with specific tasks, as needed. Your service dog will be hand picked from a litter of Service Dogs by Warren Retriever Labs based on your specific needs. Whether you need a dog to turn on the lights, help you rise from a chair, fetch the remote, or alert to diabetic lows and highs, the answer is, “Yes, we can train that.”

All outcomes and results may vary based on individual case by case basis. As part of the SDWR difference, we offer all of our clients a Lifetime Training Guarantee which you can learn more about here.

All SDWR service dogs are temperament tested.


Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs help Diabetics and their families enjoy normal lives with safety, stability, and a peace of mind. Our dogs are highly trained to help alert highs and lows even before your blood sugar begins to fluctuate. Our alert dogs for diabetes take the meaning of service dog to a new level that changes lives every day.

Autism Service Dogs

Autism Spectrum Service Dogs allow families of autistic children to experience independence, structure, and security like never before. Our unique, proprietary method for training results in Autism dogs providing autistic children a calming effect. Furthermore, our Autism dogs are acutely trained to assist in retrieving lost children, elopment, and redirection from self-harming behavior

Seizure Response Dog

SDWR’s Seizure Response Dogs support individuals who are coping daily with the effects of a seizure disorder. Not only to they enable freedom, our seizure response dogs provide support and safety during and after a seizure occurs. At SDWR, we listen to what you tell us and we create a program that targets your primary concerns.

PTSD Service Dogs

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has developed a proprietary and unique program for training dogs to support veterans and children who are daily coping with post traumatic stress disorder.