15 Nov 2017

diabetic alert dogSDWR Review

Diabetic Alert Dog Team: Mavis & Haley

Our daughter’s service dog was delivered this week and we are so thrilled with everything from the dog to the trainer. Cheri was amazing and I can’t describe the impact she had on our family. She was so calm and relaxed and put us at ease. Mavis is just the most beautiful and special dog. When she alerted the first time, it was truly a touching and special moment.

Our daughter Haley has quickly formed a bond with her and we know it will just get stronger and stronger. I cannot say enough good things about this organization from beginning until now. I feel like we have a family. An incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and special family. We are so thankful for SDWR, Cheri and Mavis. We can’t wait to see her again soon.

Cara Manns

Mother of Diabetic Alert Dog Recipient

To find out more information about our Diabetic Alert Dogs at Service Dogs by SDWR please visit https://www.sdwr.org/service-dogs/diabetic-alert/.