Welcome To the Resources Corner!

Congratulations on becoming an SDWR Ambassador and joining the SDWR Crowdsourcing efforts! You are now a member of our huge network of supporters, helping individuals and families that desire to achieve a better quality of life through a service dog. Whether you are working towards the placement of a service dog for your own family, helping a friend, or simply volunteering to support the SDWR mission, we are grateful to have you here!

So where do we get started?

Well, as an Ambassador, your job is to raise awareness both social and financial to help SDWR place service dogs with more families who have a loved one with an invisible disability. This amazing goal has transformed hundreds of lives and you are now a much-welcomed part of our worldwide mission.

On this page, you will find a huge library of resources to help you crowdsource and reach your goals. While your initial goal may seem overwhelming, let’s take a step back and break it down into lots of small manageable pieces.

Keep in mind, the SDWR team has a wide breadth of successful experience and a huge library of resources so you will never be alone in the process.

We encourage all of our Ambassadors to build teams, utilize our resources, ask questions, be bold, and share your experience through our surveys to help other Ambassadors through their journey.

Welcome to the team, we couldn’t be happier to have you!

Tips to ensure a successful campaign

  • Follow the SDWR Baby Steps that Client Services emailed to you.
  • Be patient, persistent, and positive. There is an ebb and flow to raising funds, and it won’t happen over night.
  • Utilize a team. The Client Services team will always be here for you, but we don’t know your community. Build and utilize a team of people that are not afraid to get out there to help you crowdsource.
  • Utilize passive fundraisers. Large events take a while to plan, so while you are preparing for an event have some passive fundraisers going on in the background. Make sure not to focus on passive fundraising too much though. It will be the big events that do the most for your campaign.
  • Have multiple activities at your event! This is really important to get everyone involved and to help your event have the biggest impact possible on your campaign. If you are planning a back yard BBQ, other activities could include a silent auction, bake sale, raffle, yard game contest, eating contest, the list goes on.
  • Don’t try to pay for/do everything yourself. Use the tools Client Services offers to ask for goods & services donations, ask for volunteers from your community, ask for raffle prizes to be donated, ask for venues and food to be donated. You don’t know what someone is willing to do until you ask. You will get “no”s, but it may surprise you who says “yes”.

Crowdsourcing Ideas

A Letter From Us To You About Getting Started

Dear SDWR Family:
If you talk with our families, you’ll hear over and over that one of the most exciting days of their lives was the delivery of their service dog. On delivery day, our trainers are usually welcomed by not only the receiving family but also friends, community members, leaders of civic organizations and even local press. For so many people realize that the skills of a service dog are life-changing, life-enriching, and even life-saving. By banding together to meet the financial pledge, families, and their communities feel like they have done something to at least make better a diagnosis that they cannot “fix” or “change.”

Here at SDWR, every service dog delivery is a special day to us. From the staff to the trainers, we all have gotten to know, and love, the service dog being delivered. And we are just as excited about your future with your service dog as you are. We know the difference our dogs can make.

If you are just starting, are mid-way through or close to fulfilling your pledge commitment, please know that we are here to help you. From ideas about funding sources in your area to template letters to civic and corporate funders, to press releases to your local papers seeking that financial assistance we can and want to help you.

The day of diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, Autism, Seizure Disorder or PTSD is one of the worst days for any family. Most of our staff here at SDWR either has had such a diagnosis or has a family member coping with one of these invisible disabilities. We want to work with you to give you a better day-service dog delivery day! And we want to help you have a better life, a life that includes an SDWR service dog. Until there’s a cure, there’s a dog. And, until the puzzle’s solved, there’s a dog.

Please let us know how we can help you meet your pledge.