3 Traits of a Dependable Service Dog Trainer

9 Oct 2019

Did you know there are more domestic canines in the United States than in any other country in the world? To be exact, there are 75 million of them. About 500,000 of these canines are service dogs assisting people with disabilities to lead better lives. Before a dog can become a service dog to help and assist […]

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How Service Dogs Can Help Children with Autism

2 Jul 2019

For generations, animals have aided humans with special needs. As a classic example, seeing eye dogs can provide assistance navigating those with visual impairments. Better yet, these dogs also offer safety and security from potentially dangerous situations and people. Just as significantly, animals — and dogs in particular — can be a calming source of […]

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Summer Parasites To Look Out For

8 May 2019

Summer Parasites To Look Out For Giardia is a single-celled parasite that inhabits the intestines of mammals, birds, and amphibians. There are several different “assemblages” of Giardia, which is the scientific term used to describe the many subspecies of Giardia. Each assemblage targets a specific group of animals, but all Giardia assemblages have the same life […]

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