17 Dec 2012


Who will you be catching under the mistletoe this year?

Puppy love could result in some sloppy kisses from your K-9 best friend, but it can also be one of the best experiences ever. Take this Warren family’s story as an example:


Recently Emily had the flu and was vomiting.

That can be a dangerous combination for a type 1 kid and more often than not they end up in the hospital on an IV.

However Skittles remained vigilant and never left Emily’s side.

He continued to alert keeping her in perfect range throughout the entire weekend she was sick.

We are so grateful to this organization for Skittles!!


Skittles loves his girl, and as a result he not only giving her some puppy kisses this year, but some peace and comfort as well!

Who will you let catch you under the mistletoe this year? Will it be a Service Dog from Warren Retrievers?

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Skittles is a Diabetic Alert Dog from Warren Retrievers.
To learn more about Skittles and our Diabetic Alert Dog Program please Click Here!

To learn how you can Help a family like the one Skittles protect Click Here!