12 May 2017

We received an amazing and unexpected email yesterday from someone who met one of our PTSD service dog teams out and about. Thank you for your kind words Ruthie.

Dear SDWR Folks,
Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to the local state park to give our dogs some time to play together. While we were there we had a wonderful meeting with one of your dogs and the veteran he was assisting. I have never had the opportunity to speak with a veteran suffering from PTSD, and the experience, especially as far as the dog was concerned, was touching and eye opening. Your dog Lucas, has changed this man’s life! He loves that beautiful, chocolate lab like a child, and he took every opportunity possible to share how much Lucas has helped him to get out and enjoy life again. He credited Lucas with his walk at the park that day and the opportunity to get out and meet people, rather than remaining isolated at home.

I listened eagerly to his descriptions of the marvelous training and support he gets from SDWR and the constant contact he has with the organization. I couldn’t help but marvel at all the ways this service dog is touching his life! He was looking forward to an upcoming visit with you all in Virginia, and he recounted the care he and Lucas received from the trainers.

Lucas was a beautifully mannered young dog–wise and gentle for his young age. We enjoyed meeting him very much, and he played wonderfully with our labs. This was a total delight to all, and his handler’s eyes glowed with pleasure as he watched the group of beautiful labs run, tug, romp in the water, and enjoy each other’s company.

I want to commend you all for this wonderful work. After hearing and observing this man and his beloved service dog, I can say with confidence that this program WILL make a difference in the lives of our veterans. I left the park with a full heart, and I wanted to share that with you this morning. Good work, SDWR! Your dogs are changing lives for the better!

Franklin, Vermont