2 Mar 2018

PTSD Service DogGreat news for those with (or looking to obtain) a PTSD Service Dog! The 2018 Canadian federal budget proposes expanding the current medical expense tax credit to recognize costs for psychiatric service dogs. Currently, tax relief is provided for owners of dogs trained to assist with blindness, deafness, severe diabetes, severe epilepsy, severe autism, or a severe impairment that restricts the use of the patient’s arms or legs.

For many years this tax relief did not apply to those with PTSD or Psychiatric service dogs, but that is all about to change. The tax credit will cover items such as the cost of the dog itself, costs for its care and maintenance, including food and veterinary care. Not only that, but it will also be able to cover some travel expenses for the client to attend a facility that trains patients in the handling of service animals. In order for expenses to qualify the animal must be specially trained. The news of this tax relief has come as a huge sigh of relief for Canadian residents who suffer from PTSD and rely heavily on their service dog to assist them daily.

SDWR’s PTSD Service Dogs are intended for those with a history of trauma and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD Service Dogs are highly trained and SDWR custom tailors their dog’s tasks and training to assist each clients individual needs. Visit our website for more information about SDWR’s highly trained PTSD service dogs and fill out the form on this page to apply: https://www.sdwr.org/service-dogs/ptsd/

Service Dogs by SDWR is a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Virginia, and relies on donations to help the organization in its mission, “Until there’s a cure…there’s a dog.” To make or donation or learn more about SDWR, please visit the website, https://www.sdwr.org.