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Mar 28, 2017- When Goodwill and Good Works are Challenged with Dan Warren of SDWR

Terrific and on point interview with Dan Warren, Founder of Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, with our host Kristin Sunanta Walker. They discuss the challenges and trauma that could criple an advocacy organization by unwarrented attacks from people with an agenda that does not involve advocacy. Many of these agencies rise above the challenges because their good work speaks for itself but the trauma is still all pervading throughout the organization. Healing from this is paramount and on this show we discuss how to move through the healing stages and, actually, thrive despite these challenges.

Oct 2, 2016- Until There's A Cure, There's a Dog: An Interview with Dan Warren

Dan Warren joins Melanie Vann and Kristin Walker to talk about his organization, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, a non-profit organization located in Virginia. It's the nation’s leading supplier of invisible disability service dogs. Invisible disabilities are defined as diabetes, autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. With over 500 dogs currently working across the country and around the globe, SDWR provides individuals and children with superior quality and highly skilled service dogs to help them cope with the daily challenges of living with these life-threatening conditions. SDWR service dogs are covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act and its applicable laws because each dog is specifically trained for the individual it will serve and each dog provides a life-saving skill set. SDWR alert and response dogs are proven to provide the urgent care tasks for which they have been trained such as retrieving low blood glucose supplies for individuals with Type 1 diabetes, restraining, blocking or finding a wandering Autism patient, or dialing 911 on a K9 response keypad for those with PTSD, Seizure Disorder as well as Diabetes. But a closer look at the mental health improvement and emotional support these amazing dogs provide to their patients warrants an in-depth discussion. Latent mental health issues are a part of a life-threatening condition diagnosis. And studies are showing that the effects of these service dogs in quality of life and mental health of their patients should not be undervalued.