5 Dec 2012
Dear Dan,
Once again I find myself writing to you on behalf of one of your trainers.  Phoebe was so sweet to us, so very polite, understanding, and GREAT with teaching Siren not to bite anymore.
She opened our eyes to so many problem areas we never knew existed. All your trainers are completely wonderful.  Phoebe by far probably had the toughest task though. We did necessary steps to help ourselves to help Siren.  She is alerting more than she ever has now.  Siren amazed me today when I came home as she no longer jumps up on me to greet me.
When I came home today, she actually walked up to me and sat in front of me.
Phoebe trained us and Siren, LOL and she did it all with a bum voice box that just would not cooperate.  I felt bad for her as she struggled with the problem.
My family misses her already as they fell in love with her.  My children took an immediate liking to her as did we.
Congratulations on such an incredible service you are providing.
God bless you Dan,  Sincerely,
The Jones Family