sdwr service dogs SDWR Visits Spring Oak Assisted Living

We had 4 service dogs Oliver (Diabetes) and his girl Olivia, Josie (Seizures) and her girl Avery and Erin an SDWR trainer and her dog Vanilla Ice (PTSD) as well as Moose (Autism) who is being delivered to his new family.

Myself (Sherry) as well as Amy (Avery & Jensen’s mom) and Erin did the introductions, we spoke on what service dogs are what each one does, how they alert as well as the training that goes into them and training before they are delivered. We talked about our personal stories of why we each obtained a service dog, the hard work it takes as well as emotional part.

I have to say the kids as well as the dogs did awesome, we are so proud of them all! Olivia, Avery and Jensen (Avery’s brother) not only handled the dogs with excellence but they also involved themselves by taking on and answering questions the residents had as well as speaking about what their dogs do for them!

While we were talking Vanilla Ice and Josie started alerting to Avery (for seizures) the lights can trigger them, Josie wanted Avery to move off the stage and that she did.

The residents were very intrigued and there were smilies throughout the room, they also had a lot of questions. At the end we took the dogs around so each and everyone could pet them!

All in all It was a great day and the residents really enjoyed it as did we!

SDWR Visits The Girl Scouts

SDWR Visits ACTS Life Science Class

Dear Jennifer & Emily,
Thanks so much for coming to my life science class to share with the students information about service dogs and their various types of behaviors. I really appreciate the time that you took to be with us. I am attaching my class follow up with some neat photos on the bottom. The students really enjoyed the class and learned much. Thank you!

SDWR Trains With Birdsboro Fire Department

SDWR provides EMS and First Responder training to help teach fireman, police, and EMS about service dog handling in emergency situations. Our goal is to help them learn the basic commands needed to give the service dog if its handler is unconscious. Learn how to tether the dog for loading and unloading in the emergency vehicle. Learn placement of the dog in the emergency vehicle and how to interact with both the patient and its service dog while deploying emergency assistance. Learn the necessary responsibility of including the service dog in the patient care report and documentation of transporting a service animal. Learn the ADA laws for EMS responders.
Request your own Service Dog First Responder Training at-

SDWR Visits Kings Dominion For Autism Awareness Day

In support of the King’s Dominion Autism Awareness Event, SDWR puppy raisers and staff brought their dogs to raise awareness and work on public access. It is the goal of SDWR to be involved in the community of each disability that we serve as well as provide our own community to current SDWR volunteers, puppy raisers, staff and clients. Follow our events page for details on the next SDWR event near you!



SDWR Visits Fox 5 DC

SDWR was live with Fox 5 DC and Autism Speaks in 2016 in D.C. to commemorate the start of Autism Awareness Month and raise awareness about our puppy raising program.
SDWR has a special relationship with Autism Speaks. They train service dogs for individuals with disabilities, including those with autism.”

SDWR Visits The VCU Career Fair

On Valentines Day, SDWR stopped by VCU to talk about careers in our organization and volunteer positions.
Check out some cute clips from the day.

SDWR Visits The Virginia Institue Of Autism

The Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) brought in some special guests with four legs and fur. Students at the institute got the chance to play with a handful of service dogs and puppies. Service Dogs by SDWR supplied the pups in hopes of teaching what textbooks cannot.