Planning For Your Next Service Dog

Our Service Dogs are more than just animals, they are family. As they age, retirement from their working duties becomes closer. That is why we encourage families to begin fundraising for their next service dog years before retirement begins. Rather than scrambling in the last 12 months of your dog’s working life, HOPE CHEST offers families the opportunity to begin fundraising slowly over a longer period of time.

Why Start Now?

Hope Chest offers the chance to skip over some of the stressors of retiring your service dog and transitioning to the next. By working with SDWR now, we can begin training your next service dog with an overlap of your current one. This gives you a more stable transition. Also, by starting now, you can take your time. Don’t push yourself to reach your goal in just a few months, instead spread it out over time to take away some of the pressure.

Hope Chest is about giving families the time and support they need.

***We do require a minimum of $3,000 raised as an annual ambassador to stay enrolled in the Hope Chest program, no exceptions.****

How To Get Started: