Planning For Your Next Service Dog

The Hope Chest Program is one that helps current clients enrolled in the program, and graduated families to prepare for the eventual retirement of their current service dog. (If you are not enrolled in the SDWR program, and you are in need of a service dog, please click here

Our Service Dogs are more than just animals, they are family. As they age, retirement from their working duties approaches. We must prepare for the successor to learn their new role as caretaker and companion. We encourage families to begin raising the necessary funds for their next service dog years before retirement is in view. Rather than scrambling in the last 12 months of your dog’s working life, HOPE CHEST offers families the opportunity to secure the funds over a longer period of time.

Why Start Now?

Hope Chest offers the chance to avoid some of the stressors of retiring your service dog and transitioning to the next. By working with SDWR now, your next service dog can be trained with an overlap of your current one. This gives you a more stable transition. Also, by starting now, you can take your time. Instead of having to meet your pledge within several months, your crowdsourcing can take place over several years, spreading the load and relieving a lot of pressure.

Hope Chest is about giving families the time and support they need.

To maintain your status as an Ambassador in the Hope Chest Program, SDWR does require a minimum of $3,000 raised annually.  

The Hope Chest pledge must be met before the next service dog is placed.

If you would like to learn more about retiring a geriatric service dog, please look for the Retirement FAQs on our FAQ page. 

How To Get Started:

  • Are you a current client that has, or is about to meet the initial pledge for your first service dog? – Let a Client Services representative know that you would like to participate in the Hope Chest Program. They will help you get those plans in place. 
  • Is your current SDWR service dog in training or graduated from the program? – Contact SDWR today at to inquire about a new contract or fill out the form below. The staff will assist you in receiving a contract for your next service dog. 
  • Are you inquiring about your first service dog and have not been a part of the SDWR program in the past? – Please click here to fill out an application to be considered for the program.

The form below is for current clients in the SDWR program to apply for the Hope Chest Program.

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