SDWR is excited to announce new our new EMS service dog training program aimed at helping our Nation’s first responders—Fire, Police, and EMS, in their life-saving roles. SDWR has a mission to breed, train and place highly-skilled service dogs to the invisible disabilities community. Invisible disabilities includeDiabetes, Autism, Seizure Disorders and PTSD. Additionally, an important part of our mission includes the development and execution of education and advocacy programs designed to protect the rights of disabled persons and their service animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires first responders to ensure that service dog teams are provided with specific rights and accommodations.


In order to help you, our Nation’s heroes, in your important work, SDWR has developed two educational references:

  • a video showing EMS responders working with a service dog team in a medical transport situation.
  • a quick reference educational brochure that looks at the ADA rules for EMS responders.

SDWR is also excited to announce its EMS Training Program

Research shows that learning by “seeing,” “doing,” and “discussing,” results in higher learning, understanding, and retention of facts. To answer the need EMS may have for this type of learning experience, SDWR has developed its EMS Training Program. SDWR will work with your department to schedule an on-site training visit. The visit will be conducted by one of the many SDWR professional trainers. An SDWR service dog will also be on hand to work with you and your department in the deployment of exercises designed to bring your team knowledge and firsthand experience.

Objectives: Learn the basic commands needed to give the service dog if its handler is unconscious. Learn how to tether the dog for loading and unloading in the emergency vehicle. Learn placement of the dog in the emergency vehicle and how to interact with both the patient and its service dog while deploying emergency assistance. Learn the necessary responsibility of including the service dog in the patient care report and documentation of transporting a EMS volunteer and service dog trainingservice animal. Learn the ADA laws for EMS responders.

If you would like to receive brochures for your department, please complete the form below. As a non-profit, we rely on donations to help us in our mission. Therefore a small fee is charged to help cover the costs of printing and mailing based on the number of brochures you request.

If you would like to schedule an EMS Training Program visit, please complete the form below. There will be a required donation to help SDWR cover the costs of travel to your location. The estimate of costs will be given once the application is received.

On behalf of everyone at SDWR, thank you for all you do to help those in need. We are proud to offer our services to you.

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