Volunteer Programs Coordinator


REPORTS TO: President



This position provides management and fiscal oversight of SDWR’s primary volunteer program The Puppy Raiser Program.  The Program14572411_10210868492578525_2848888673789337209_n can contain up to 100 volunteers located in states throughout the country who volunteer to raise puppies that may be selected to become future service dogs for the Organization.  This position oversees the Volunteer Puppy Raiser Coordinator Position.  The Director will analyze programs’ achievements to goals both quantitatively and qualitatively and will produce an annual report on the Program.  The Director will establish a yearly budget of expenses for the Program.  The Director will establish and be responsible for budgeted income projections for the Program. assist the President and Directors with event planning and logistics management for the mission of Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers and its programs.  This position requires event logistics experience and provides an opportunity for personal growth and development in event fundraising.


  • Direct all aspects of the Organization’s Service Dog Raising Program including:
    • Recruitment techniques, supervision, training and support of the Volunteers
  • Assessment quantitative and qualitative of the Service Dog Raising Program
    • Review of comprehensive reports and statistical data in regards to Service Dog Raising Program provided by Service Dog Raiser Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ensure internal and external requests for puppy outreach initiative visits help to advance the mission of the Organization and address financial support, education, advocacy or awareness.
  • Effective reporting and communication with other department directors regarding The Puppy Raiser Program to ensure marketing and development initiatives have up-to-date information regarding the scope and reach of the Program.
  • Ensure accurate and timely recording of data on the Organizations electronic Client Management System and Volunteer database.
  • Ensure all internal and external communications are current including Service Dogs website and Puppy Raising Manual.
  • Provide a yearly budget to the President reflecting income and expenses associated with the Puppy Raiser Program and other volunteer programs utilizing the puppies-in-training.
  • Establish, implement, manage and assess fundraising activities of the Volunteers to ensure yearly budgeted income goals are met.
  • Represent SDWR and participate in staff and community education programs, positively promoting the Program(s) and the Organization’s standard of excellence.


  • Achieving and documenting results against Functional Business Plan and Annual Budget.
  • Clear and consistent communication to team directors.
  • Annual budget income goals met and annual budget expenses at or below projections.
  • Monthly meetings with Senior Service Dog Instructor to review progress of puppies in order to successfully transition puppies into the Service Dog training phase.
  • Successful support and supervision to the Volunteer Puppy Coordinator.
  • Website is relevant to the program and is current at any given date.
  • Evidence of fundraising plans, timelines, goals reporting toward achieving budget.
  • Effective communications and engagement with the Volunteer Puppy Raisers.



  • Minimum three years’ experience in administrative positions, requiring collaboration, teamwork, and initiative.
  • Demonstrated fundraising experience.
  • Demonstrated experience working with volunteers.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of MAC applications.
  • Self-starter with good communication, organizational and collaborative skills.
  • Ability to educate and interact positively with staff and volunteers.
  • Knowledge of budgeting, year-end forecasts, and the use of Excel software program.
  • Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in applicable area preferred.




  • Working knowledge of current legislation and standards relating to Service Dogs or ability to quickly learn
  • Ability to maintain professional boundaries and management of client/volunteer expectations.
  • Hands-on experience with training adults to achieve key deliverables.
  • Demonstrated experience with reporting and database management.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills and an ability to foster positive relations and influence outcomes.
  • Operate with minimal supervision and a high degree of independence in undertaking the duties of the position
  • Confident public presentation skills.
  • Current driver’s license.


Full-time, non-exempt position.

Please be aware that this job description is subject to change; other functions may be assigned/reassigned at the discretion of management.

I understand that this job description does not represent an employment contract.


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