Autism: Reaching Goals Can Be Challenging

15 Oct 2015

It is often difficult to for those with autism spectrum disorders to work towards goals. This difficulty can be explained by the inability to sustain problem solving capabilities—part of the job of our executive functioning system. In those with autism this system can be inhibited. Executive Dysfunction or a deficit in executive functioning is a […]

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Food For Your Service Dog

29 Sep 2015

We love each service dog and that’s why we want only the best for them! So how can you tell what your diabetic alert dog should and shouldn’t eat? Well, just because something is super healthy for you, it doesn’t mean that Beau or Jackson or Skittles should be enjoying it too! Unsafe Food For Service […]

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Autism “Looks” Different in Girls

15 Sep 2015

Jeannie Davide-Rivera • Many more boys are diagnosed with autism than girls; in fact, four times more boys are diagnosed. While the reason for the disparity between male and female autism rates is relatively unknown, there are several theories. One theory is that the possible mechanism for the transmission of autism is on the sex-linked […]

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Autism, Night Terrors, and Our Service Dog

24 Aug 2015

Written by Jeannie Davide-Rivera Many adults and children with autism report having frequent nightmares, manifested by fitful, restless sleep, or screaming in the night. They may be difficult to wake, or calm during these episodes. Are they simply being plagued by nightmares, or could it be something else? Night Terrors. Night Terror or Nightmare? Aren’t They […]

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PSA: Omnipod Insulin Recall

20 Jul 2015

This is an important message for our Diabetic Alert Dog community that uses injection insulin to manage their disease. The Insulet Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of twelve (12) lots of their OmniPods. If you or your family members use an OmniPod Insulin Management System, there has been a warning posted about the possibility […]

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‘Midnight Three & Six:’ Revealing the Importance of a Service Dog

11 Feb 2015

Beginning 2015, ‘Midnight Three & Six’ premiered in the Sundance film festival. At Service Dogs by SDWR, we are more than thrilled to see diabetes awareness take a step forward through the film. Though short in length, ‘Midnight Three & Six’ delivers to us a profound statement: that Diabetic Alert Dogs can be a life-changing […]

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Service Dog Fundraising Plans

2 May 2014

In our previous post we discussed the reasons behind the SDWR fundraising methods. To follow up, let us break down the fundraising expectations and assistance offered through the best service dog provider. While the pricing seems large, the help you have in our system is larger.  Here is a breakdown of what to expect within […]

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Twas the Day I got Scout

25 Dec 2012

Small children are squirming not wanting to sleep, because tonight is the night they have been waiting for. Christmas day is tomorrow! What can possibly better? How about a fun story to get you in the mood? Now, for your enjoyment Service Dogs by SDWR presents a Twas the Night before Christmas Parody by Joshua […]

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Puppy Love

17 Dec 2012

Who will you be catching under the mistletoe this year? Puppy love could result in some sloppy kisses from your K-9 best friend, but it can also be one of the best experiences ever. Take this Warren family’s story as an example:   Recently Emily had the flu and was vomiting. That can be a […]

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