Almondine Update

13 Jul 2011

Almondine Update by Mark Vaillancourt on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 9:55pm The vet “interview” turned into an exam with vaccinations – (we really like the Dr, he was great) and we decided not to take her anywhere else today. Almondine alerted (low BGL) during the night last night and again this evening (high BGL). It is […]

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BG Gets Juice

13 Jun 2011

BG is T1D Blake Crawford’s pup from our Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers program. Here BG demos getting a juice box out of the refrigerator and taking it to his boy. The pup is 19 weeks old. You go, BG! Just one of the many wonderful commands our Diabetic Alert Dogs will learn through […]

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Belle Alert

13 Mar 2011

Belle Alert by Natasha So we are outside playing belle alerts. Savannah is 146. 10 min later belle alerts again. Recheck Savannah and she’s 116 with. 0.46 on board. This is why I love this dog so much. She kept my daughter from dropping to low while playing.

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