Skittles the Diabetic Alert Dog Saves

8 Jan 2013

What does it mean when a diabetic goes low? Sugar breaks down into energy, so it is like a battery to keep the body running. Non-diabetics have the ability to keep their body running right without doing anything. Diabetics though need outside help. Since their blood sugar is regulated by people, instead of their bodies […]

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2 Jan 2013

Reading stories about a dog who saves a person’s life is exciting, what about the stories that aren’t as dramatic. The ones that show the stability our dogs have brought into the lives of others. Service Dogs from our programs help bring back a stability that people with invisible disabilities don’t often experience. Today we […]

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A New Year

1 Jan 2013

Another year has come and gone, we hope each and everyone of you enjoyed ringing in the New Year. We would like to start this year off with a story from one of our Families who enjoyed the New Years Eve Festivities with the help of one of our Service Dogs. New Years Eve was […]

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27 Dec 2012

Traveling for the holidays can be hard on everyone, but for someone with an invisible disability it is especially hard. Trips like a simple overnight stay require a lot of hustle and bustle there are no spur of the moment choices when you have medications to gather, and instructions to give. Tonight’s story we would […]

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Family Time

21 Dec 2012

More important than the gifts, food, and tv specials are the loved ones that we spend our Christmas with. Service Dogs by SDWR is honored that so many people have welcome our dogs into their homes and hearts. While a Medical Alert Dog can be an important tool in keeping a healthy happy life, they […]

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Still Here and Counting Down

21 Dec 2012

December 21st has been creating quite a stir most of the year. Considering that the sky hasn’t turned on odd color, it’s not raining popcorn, and we are all still here it seems only fitting to make the day special somehow so for your reading pleasure today we bring you a poem written by one […]

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The gift of peace!

19 Dec 2012

What better gift can you get than that of peace? Service Dogs by SDWR works with many invisible disabilities, including Diabetes. It seems that more and more families lose a loved one during the night because of hypoglycemia, extreme low blood glucose. We hear stories about husbands, wives, children, and parents who can not sleep […]

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Christmas Time is Here

16 Dec 2012

  How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year? Service Dogs by SDWR thrives to make sure no matter how you are enjoying your holiday that you can do so with peace of mind. Invisible disabilities can be hard during this time of year. Families and friends don’t always get that there is […]

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Our Family

11 Dec 2012

Holidays are a time for family. Service Dogs by SDWR is proud to be apart of many different families. There is nothing like that bond between owner and service dog. That is why today we would like to share a story from one of our families about the anniversary of the day one of our dogs […]

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From one of our families ~ Thanks for sharing Jessica !

7 Dec 2012

So Elvis is at it again! We just ordered him stairs because his girls bed is higher up and he has decided he doesn’t like getting off the bed. He has had the stairs 2 days. He hates them! We are working at using them slowly. We have a baby monitor in Kinzie’s room but […]

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