More Than a Dog

9 Jun 2014

More Than a Dog According to the Code of Federal Regulations for the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA) of the United States, a service animal is a “guide dog, signal dog, or other animals individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.” Each and every day SDWR […]

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Service Dog

6 Jun 2014

  1. Sense of security. Those with disabilities tend to feel vulnerable. Having a service dog by ones side allows the patient to relax and feel like they’re safe. Those suffering from PTSD can feel like they always have a set of eyes watching over them. While others suffering from diabetes, autism, or seizures have […]

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Guardian Angel Service Dogs – Client stories

4 Jun 2014

  Success stories are always our favorite stories here at Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Here, our client Amanda shares an amazing story of her Diabetic Alert Dog in action! Najiyah the Sugar Sniffer Dear SDWR, So proud of our SDWR Diabetic Alert Dog Najiyah! His name means “to keep one safe”. He keeps both […]

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Taking back your freedom: Service Dogs

2 Jun 2014

Giving Back Freedom Service dogs are your shadow even when it’s dark. We are often told people suffering disabilities feel vulnerable in public and social settings. It is difficult for them to stay confident and feel independent. Having a Service dog can restore feelings of independency. Not having to rely on others also gives back […]

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PTSD Service Dogs

30 May 2014

Company in your PTSD Lows Most people would agree with the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”. Those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are the perfect candidates for a furry four-legged best friend. People suffering from PTSD describe feeling alone and have trouble relating to others. Their guard is always up. […]

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10 Facts about SDWR

23 May 2014

SDWR is the number one provider of service dogs in the nation. Through a process of community organizing and fundraising over time, each family is given the dog that is truly right for them. SDWR focuses on creating an all inclusive community to help those struggling with a disability experience freedom like never before. Here […]

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Seizure Response Dog Q&A

16 May 2014

What is a Seizure Response Dog? A seizure response dog is a service dog that is able to care for patients experiencing a seizure and symptoms leading up to a seizure. SDWR trains their seizure dogs to be able to bring medication, food, and help in time of crisis. SDWR is the number one provider of service […]

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Diabetes Alert Dog Fundraising

12 May 2014

A diabetic alert dog comes with so much more than a dog and a leash. A service dog for a diabetic patient comes with community. That’s why; the fundraising isn’t about getting you a dog at all but really about becoming part of a tight knit, caring community. It is a community that can transform […]

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What our Autism Service Dogs Can Do

7 May 2014

For parents of autistic children, every day is a new battle and SDWR is all about lessening the burden. With an autism service dog from the best service dog provider, we are confident that with our community a service dog can decrease your stress and increase your enjoyment in your child. Overcoming an invisible illness is […]

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Diabetic Alert Dogs: What they Can Do For you

5 May 2014

SDWR: Your #1 Diabetic Alert Dog Choice Managing your diabetes is a primary concern of SDWR, and we are confident that we can eliminate so much of your stress. The use of training dogs to help you manage your health is an invaluable asset that our non profit can provide. Several months ago, one of […]

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