Why We Are Proud to Be SDWR

21 Jul 2014

We have all been told it is impolite to brag, however; here at SDWR believe there is a huge difference between humble pride and bragging.  We are proud of our humble Service Dogs and we are proud of our achievements but most of all, we are proud of the work we do to help all […]

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How Does A DAD Work?

18 Jul 2014

At SDWR we understand that when you or someone you love has diabetes, worry is a constant problem in your life that is why we train DAD (Diabetic Alert Dogs). Diabetes can run your life and many people worry that they will be unable to lead independent, productive lifestyles. The community at SDWR does not […]

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Caring For your Service Dog in Public

17 Jul 2014

Caring for your service dog in public can be tricky. When most people see a beautiful, well behaved dog their first reaction is to want to say hello and pet them.  However; it is so important that we educate the public that our Service Dogs are not your average dog.  These animals are our life […]

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The Best Service Dog

14 Jul 2014

Coping with an invisible illness in your family can be eased by the best service dog options offered by us. Many of our clients ask how they can truly know that our dogs are the best service dogs for them. There are quite a few ways we can answer your question and ease your mind. First, […]

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Seizure Response Dogs: Free From Fear

8 Jul 2014

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Epilepsy we want you to know that you are not alone. SDWR understands that not all disabilities are the same and living with Epilepsy can be extremely scary.  In order to help you gain more independence as well as lift some of the fears that […]

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Autism Service Dogs Can Change Your Life

5 Jul 2014

  Autism Service Dogs and Your Diagnosis You could never prepare yourself to hear the news that your child has autism. When you hear the news, you will realize that your life will be utterly different more ways than you could ever imagine.  There is no denying that daily life with a special-needs child presents […]

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A Diabetic Alert Dog is Just 1 Piece to the Puzzle

20 Jun 2014

It has been said that a pet can have a positive impact on one’s health, however; a Diabetic Alert Dog is just one of the ways to care for your diabetes. There are numerous ways of managing diabetes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can have a significant impact on the way you feel. Here are a […]

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How Can An Autism Service Dog Help?

18 Jun 2014

Autism, like the other disabilities SDWR specializes in training our service dogs for, is an invisible disability. Majority of people are unaware of the fact that an Autism service dog can provide a significant amount of assistance to those affected by these invisible disabilities. Those with autism can experience an improved connection to the world by […]

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How Should The Public Act Around Your Service Dog?

16 Jun 2014

If you have read any of our previous blogs, or other pages on our site, you will notice how we stress the fact that our service dogs are more than just utensils to live a more enriched life. We talk about how these service dogs, whether they assist with diabetes or autism, they become part of […]

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Should a Child Get a Service Dog?

11 Jun 2014

Should a child get a service dog?   Service Dogs by SDWR offers its services to those affected by Autism, Seizures, PTSD, and Diabetes, no matter if the patient is young or old. We believe that both adults and children benefit from having a service dog by their side. We get many questions a day […]

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