Preparing Your Service Dog for Winter Days

16 Dec 2014

If you’ve invested in SDWR, you know that service dogs provide an amazing difference. That’s why we want to ensure that your service dog is cared for and loved. As the winter months come around, you might have to put in extra in keeping your service dog healthy and happy. Learn how you can prepare […]

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One of the Best Service Dog Providers

29 Oct 2014

It’s no surprise that SDWR ranks as one of the top service dog providers. But as we would know first hand, being the best doesn’t come easy. We’ve worked long and hard to make miracles happen for those affected by Diabetes, Autism, Aspergers and Seizures. While our focused efforts and passion make us the best, […]

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Why We Love Our Service Dogs (And Why You Should, Too!)

22 Oct 2014

  It’s no surprise we spend a lot of time around therapy dogs. From years of breeding, training and raising service dogs, we’ve come to learn what makes them incredibly special. And it’s not just us. Everyday, we receive countless success stories and Thank You’s from those who have chosen SDWR’s service dogs. Our service […]

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Answers to Common Questions About Autism Service Dogs

15 Oct 2014

SDWR has been providing answers for years – answers to hopes, challenges, worries and concerns from families that are affected by Autism. We never stop providing you with answers to why you should invest in an Autism Service Dog. We’ve seen first hand how they change lives, on a day-to-day basis and in the long […]

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How to Prepare for the Cost of a Service Dog

14 Oct 2014

We know investing in a service dog can be an expensive, yet life-changing opportunity for you and your family. Because SDWR provides the best service dog training, we know that you won’t regret purchasing a service dog from us. Read on to find a few simple yet effective ways to prepare for the cost of a […]

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7 Things About Seizure Response Dogs We Want You to Know

9 Oct 2014

  There are common questions that will cross your mind when looking into investing in a seizure response dog. At SDWR, we’ve learned an endless amount about what you might be wondering, and present to you the few facts we surely want you to know. 1. Seizure dogs are responsive, not preventative. It’s a common […]

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How to Solve the Biggest Challenges with Autism

8 Oct 2014

In the face of Autism, there are innumerable challenges caretakers face while raising an Autistic family member. At SDWR, we’ve listened and provided solutions to those very issues, only to help enhance the lives of those with Autism. Because SDWR encourages Autism awareness, we’ve listed those common challenges, as well as how service dogs for children […]

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4 Common Misconceptions About Assistance Dogs

4 Oct 2014

As service dog providers, we know there are many misconceptions about what having a service dog entails. Most people see a hassle or a burden associated with service dogs. The truth is that SDWR’s service dogs are caring and intelligent companions for anyone with autism or diabetes. Here are four common assumptions that prove themselves […]

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Can a Landlord Deny You Housing Because of a Service Dog?

11 Aug 2014

Can a Landlord Deny You Housing Because of a Service Dog? This question comes up more often than you’d think. People want to know if they can be denied housing from a home owner or rental company when trying to rent a house/apt because of their service animal. Fortunately, the answer is no. You cannot […]

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Weighing Your Options for a Service Dog

28 Apr 2014

The best part of about our service dog organization is that we have tailored  the program to meet the specific needs of individuals struggling with an illness. Because not all families are the same, neither should dog. What makes SDWR the best service dog provider in the nation is that we adapt our program to meet […]

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