Become A Puppy Raiser At SDWR

3 Feb 2016

At SDWR, part of what makes our process so special is the way each puppy is raised in a home environement. SDWR puppy raisers take in a 6-8 week old puppy and teach them the basics of dog etiquette for 6 months. This valuable time allows you to enjoy all the fun of these fluffy […]

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Holidays and Autism

9 Dec 2015

Generally speaking, the Holidays and Autism can be a stressful combination for our families. From a disruption in their daily routines to the increased amount of social engagements, it’s fair to call Christmas season, trigger season. So what you can do to better prepare your family and autistic child for the coming weeks? It may […]

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Food For Your Service Dog

29 Sep 2015

We love each service dog and that’s why we want only the best for them! So how can you tell what your diabetic alert dog should and shouldn’t eat? Well, just because something is super healthy for you, it doesn’t mean that Beau or Jackson or Skittles should be enjoying it too! Unsafe Food For Service […]

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Seizure Dogs: Bridging the Gap Between Care & Independence

5 Jun 2015

Individuals with a seizure disorder are often living life constant stress and anxiety. Those who suffer from frequent seizures know how difficult it is to have a fulfilling lifestyle free from worry. It’s also hard for their caretakers to find a balance between care and independence. That’s what makes medical response dogs for seizures so […]

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Taking the Edge Off Aspergers

5 May 2015

The world can be full of unexpected challenges that we all face. While this is true for anyone, those affected with Aspergers have an especially difficult time. Limited communication and social skills often interfere with everyday life and can cause frustration and anxiety. However,  research has shown that autism service dogs can help ease the […]

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Epilepsy and Independence: Finding a Balance

10 Mar 2015

At Service Dogs by SDWR, we come across many who live with epilepsy. Again and again, we see the same issue arise: finding independence in the face of an invisible illness. If you or a loved one live with seizure disorder, you most likely know that it can be limiting and taxing, both mentally and […]

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Service Dogs – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

23 Feb 2015

We’ve seen it over and over again: those who invest in SDWR service dogs find the life and peace they have been looking for despite the effects of invisible illness. Those affected by autism, seizure disorder, diabetes or PTSD know how their invisible illness can hinder them from living a fuller life. And those that […]

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Diabetic Alert Dogs and Sundance Film Festival

26 Jan 2015

SDWR is proud to be a part of such an amazing film. This year’s Sundance Film Festival features the documentary ‘Midnight Three & Six’ which shows a mother’s efforts to manage her daughter’s daily struggle with a life-threatening condition: Type I Diabetes. You will find that one of our Diabetic Alert Dogs play an important role […]

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Service Dogs: Why Choose SDWR?

23 Jan 2015

Service Dogs by SDWR Madison Virginia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to offset the cost of investing in a service dog. Through our help, individuals and families affected by invisible illness are able to afford service dogs that might otherwise have been a life-long dream. We want you to know how our hard work […]

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