10 Mar 2016

Autism Service Dog Reviews- SDWR

Just in case, the SDWR performance guarantee or our “Service Dogs In Action” page doesn’t display how powerful our dogs can be, we’d like to share some Autism Service Dog reviews. Below you will find a letter from one of our recipient families. Want more letters? Click here.

A Family’s Autism Service Dog Review

Dear Friend of SDWR,

I still remember the day I first talked to you about an Autism Service dog for our then 9 year old son. I had done months and months of research on organizations and fundraising. It wasn’t until that certain day I was searching that Service Dogs by SDWR came up and our lives were forever changed. I instantly had an overwhelming sense of peace and hope while talking to you. All my questions were answered and I knew without a doubt that this organization was passionate about helping people with disabilities.

I don’t think there are enough words to describe how blessed we feel to be a part of the SDWR family. From that first phone call to the day Vader was placed and even now, our family has felt like we are of utmost importance.  Vader has made such a significant difference in the quality of life for my son.  Before Vader was placed, Colby was having a very difficult time sleeping, doing school work, going out to stores, being part of society, and even functioning on a day to day basis without meltdowns.  Now I see such improvement! I have a son that is happier and I hear laughter again that not so long ago was distant. Colby sleeps better has less nightmares, has better focus in school, his anxieties are not as high and the meltdowns are few and far between. This is all accredited to the specific training tailored to the needs of Colby.

SDWR couldn’t have picked at more perfect dog for our family. Vader knows when Colby needs him. He also knows when just being in the room is enough or laying by him is what he needs. The two of them share a very special bond like no other. Vader loves his boy and can’t wait to wake him up every morning with kisses. He has such a sweet personality that calms the whole family.

From the president, Dan Warren to our Trainer, Cheri Campbell and everyone else in between, thank you for your hard work and time you put into our Service Dogs. Without you we wouldn’t have this tool to help our children.

With Greatest Thanks,

The Smith Family