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SDWR Grant Application for Autism Service Dog

In recognition of April being Autism Awareness Month, SDWR, is sponsoring a Grant Program for Autism Service Dogs.  The grant program is for individuals in North America diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum to include Aspergers.

SDWR will be offering the following grant opportunities:

                                            1 ea $25,000 Grant

                                            2 ea $12,500 Grant

                                            2 ea $10,000 Grant

                                            4 ea $ 7,500 Grant

Electronic Applications must be received during March 1-March 31st, 2019 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time and Paper Applications must be postmarked by March 24, 2019.  Any applications received after the above deadlines will not be considered.  All applications (as defined below) are subject to the rules and regulations below. We will announce our recipient winners by April 30, 2019.  

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Cost Of Application Fee: $150 per submission

Void where prohibited by law

To Be Considered Each Submission Must Follow These Guidelines:

  • 1 Entry Per Family Only
  • Must Attach Proof Of Payment Via Email Receipt or Screen Shot of Completion Page ($150 to donor drive- click here)
  • Be A Family With A Child On The Spectrum
  • Cannot be combined with other SDWR Grants or Incentives
  • Fill Out The Entire Submission Form
  • For existing clients grant covers up to $10,000 towards an outstanding pledge or the remaining balances, whichever is less.
  • Payment is non-refundable and cannot be applied towards any other SDWR campaigns
  • By submitting an Application for a grant (as defined below) you are unconditionally agreeing to these Rules and Regulations.  
  • Prior to submission each applicant must sign his/her application (electronic signature) unconditionally agreeing to be bound by these rules.

If, under the laws of the state where you live, you are considered a minor then your parent or legal guardian must sign your application unconditionally agreeing to be be bound by these Rules and Regulations.  Generally a person who has attained the age of 18 is not considered a minor. However, the age of majority in some states including but not limited to, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi Nebraska, Nevada, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin may be greater than 18.  Please check the laws of the state where you live to confirm the age of majority. It is your obligation, or if you are a minor, the obligation of your parent or legal guardian to sign your application.  Unsigned applications will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.  

How to Participate:

  1. Go to www.sdwr.org/autism-grant-application or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Follow the directions on the page.
  3. Application can be completed online and the fee can be collected via debit/credit card. This will result in an electronic signature.
  4. Should you choose to pay the application fee by check, please print out application and mail along with check to: SDWR, P.O. Box 647, Madison, VA 22727.
  5. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  6. If the $150 application fee is not paid at time of receiving application it will be not accepted.
  7. All information must be legible.
  8. Only one application accepted per household.
  9. Applications must either be submitted 100% online or 100% paper/hard copy. Mixed applications will NOT be accepted.
  10. Carefully review your application before submission. All pages must be completed and entered in the format required.  Once the application is submitted, no further additions or revisions may be made.
  11. No employee of SDWR will be permitted to help with any portion of the application. Please complete to the best of your ability.

Pay $150 Application Fee:

Fill Out Application: 

Application for Service Dogs

Please note the volume of applications is extremely heavy during the final week/days to submit an application. No extensions will be granted for any delays relating to such heavy volume or any problems with, or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, or software.  


The following dates apply to the submission of all applications and the award of all grants.

Enrollment period, applications will be accepted March 1-31, 2019

Paper applications must be postmarked no later than: March 25, 2019
Electronic applications must be received no later than March 31, 2019
Approximate date by which 9 applicants will be selected and called for an introductory conversation (Q&A session) between April 19-30 2019.

There are no exceptions to the above deadline and late applications will not be considered.  SDWR is not responsible for and will not consider any late, lost, misdirected. Illegible, or incomplete applications.

Review of Applications:

All applications will be initially reviewed by the review committee comprised of representatives of SDWR and select clients of SDWR.  This review is to ensure the submission is complete and the applicant meets all of the eligibility requirements contained in the rules.  All incomplete submissions and applications submitted by ineligible applicants shall be disqualified. The final selection will be done by the grant committee. This committee will narrow down the applications to the top 4. These 4 could be phoned for a formal interview and all references will be verified.

Notification of potential grant recipients:

Potential grant recipients will be notified by telephone and or certified mail on or around

April 19-30 2019.  SDWR is not responsible for undeliverable telephone messages or lost, returned, or misdirected mail. Return of any notification sent to a recipient via certified mail marked as “refused” “undeliverable” “no such address” or any similar mark may result in the disqualification of a potential award recipient and the selection of an alternate potential grant recipient as provided as above.

Qualification of grant recipients:

Potential grant recipients must sign and timely return all of the following documents:  Publicity and Liability release, agreement, and intake evaluation form that SDWR provides.

All grant recipients are required to be an annual ambassador for SDWR to raise $5,000 annually for a period of five years and help us raise awareness education and advocacy for the organization in a positive manner. They also help raise funds for the organization on an annual basis. This is to help pay it forward.

Notification of grant recipients:

Upon a timely return of completed stated documents our scheduling department will notify recipients of dates available for delivery of the service dog.  This can take as long as an estimated 12 months depending on a number of factors included to but not limited to: recipients available for 3 consecutive days for the training in their home; a trainer available for 3 consecutive days, selection of a service dog etc.


  • Grant awards must be used for a service dog from SDWR.
  • Grants are not transferable in whole or in part.
  • Failure to execute and return all required documents within 10 days of issuance may result in disqualification.

General Terms and Conditions:

The decisions of the grant committee are final and without appeal.

The application for and award of all grants are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. All fees of any kind relating to a grant are the sole responsibility of each recipient.

Return of any notification sent to a potential recipient via certified mail marked as “refused” “undeliverable” “no such address” or any similar mark may result in the disqualification of the potential grant recipient and the selection of an alternate recipient . By submitting an application, each applicant (or if the applicant is a minor, then the minors parent or legal guardian) agrees to the release and hold harmless SDWR from and against any claim cause of action, including but not limited to personal injury, death or damage to or loss of property arising from or in connection with the submission of an application or the award of any grant hereunder. SDWR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any applicant that it finds or believes to have tampered with the process or otherwise violated these rules and regulations. Any attempt by an applicant or any other individual to deliberately damage or undermine the process will be taken very seriously by SDWR and SDWR reserves the right to seek any and all damages available to it under the law.


  • Upon submission, all applications become the property of SDWR and will not be returned to the applicant.
  • By submitting an application, the applicant (or if the applicant is a minor, then the minor’s parent or legal guardian) acknowledges and agrees that SDWR shall own the submitted application and all the information contained in the application and any rights relating thereto.
  • A recipient may request to have his/her identity withheld from any grant publicity campaign related to being awarded a grant; in such a case, the recipient’s city and state will be used to identify the recipient.  However such a request shall have no effect on SDWR’s ownership of the applications as otherwise provided for in these Rules and Regulations.
  • SDWR may use the application in any manner and in any medium or form, whether now known or not currently known, throughout the world in perpetuity without any compensation, permission, or notification to the applicant or any third party.
  • Any application that attempts to restrict or otherwise limit SDWR’s right to use the application or any portion of the application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn.  

Privacy Policy:

  • The application collects personally identifiable information (that is information that can be uniquely identified with you, such as full name, address, email, phone number etc.) All personally identifiable information and personal health information will be used to screen the application, as otherwise specified in these Rules and Regulations and will be kept private.
  • Personal information contained in the application will be used and disclosed by SDWR, the grant committee, and/or SDWR consultants strictly for purposes of screening the applicant for program eligibility and grant qualification, notifying the applicant of his/her selection as a potential or actual grant recipient; providing email updates; publicity, communicating with the applicant, his/her parent or guardian (if applicable) and as otherwise necessary to the operation of SDWR compliance with the law.
  • The applicant’s personal information shall be stored and secured by SDWR or its designated contractor for a period of up to 42 calendar months.

Disclaimer/Limitations of Liability:

SDWR shall not be liable for any (i) incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by an applicant or by any equipment or programming associated with or utilized in by the process or by any technical or human error that may occur in the processing of applications submitted to SDWR, (ii) error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, or delay in operation or transmission in connection with the process, or communications line failure, theft, or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any application; or (iii) problems with, or technical malfunction of, any telephone network or lines computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, or failure of email which may occur for any reason whatsoever, including technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website or combination thereof, including injury or damage to applicant’s computer related to or resulting from downloading submitting materials to, or otherwise participating in, the process if, for any reason, the online application process is not capable  of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of SDWR that corrupt or affect the administration, security, or proper conduct of the process. SDWR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to without advance notice terminate or suspend the process in whole or in part or modify it in anyway. In no event will SDWR be liable for any incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages.

Reservation of Rights:

    • SDWR reserves in its sole and absolute discretion the right to disqualify any application it deems to be inappropriate, offensive or is not in keeping with SDWR’s image.
    • To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, SDWR shall have the right, at any time and without advance notice, to modify, suspend, or terminate the process in whole or in part.
    • If a potential grant recipient fails to return a fully signed agreement within the required timeframe, the potential grant recipient shall be disqualified and the grant shall be awarded to a potential grant recipient selected as an alternate as described above. In the event that such an alternate rejects the grant or fails to return the agreement, SDWR in its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right not to award the grant.
    • SDWR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any applicant who finds or believes to have tampered with the process or otherwise violated these rules and regulations.
    • Any attempt by an applicant or any other individual to deliberately damage or undermind the process will be taken very seriously by SDWR and SDWR reserves the right to seek any and all damages available to it under the law.
    • SDWR reserves the right to use and disclose an applicant’s personal information in a manner consistent with these Rules and its privacy policy.
  • SDWR reserves the right, at its sole discretion to, without notice, terminate, or suspend the process, in whole or in part or modify it in any way.

Contacting Customer Service:

All questions regarding our Grant Program should be addressed to: grants@sdwr.org or call 540-543-2307