How SDWR Acquires Dogs

The dogs we train and place with clients are full-bred Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers (black, yellow & chocolate) which are bred by our organization. We also use doodles on a required medical necessity which will be validated by our organization with the recipients doctor. In addition to our private breeding, we work with several licensed breeders in Virginia, as well as further afield, to obtain puppies that are best suited to service dog careers. These acquisitions are at the discretion of our organization.

Service Dogs by SDWR has built a solid reputation as a world-class breeder of high quality Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Their exceptional breeding program results in dogs with proven scent ability. Service Dogs by SDWR dogs are used world-wide in scent-based programs, including drug and bomb detection and most recently in the Diabetic Alert Dog program.

About Our Service Dogs

Service Dogs by SDWR strives to place dogs in volunteer home environments to be raised for 9-18 months. SDWR’s unique training program is what sets us apart from other nonprofit service dog organizations. Upon placement, SDWR trainers will return for training sessions with the service dog and family every 3-4 months over the course of the next 18 months. During this time SDWR trainers will continue working on the service dog’s customized training, follow up training, and training the human to make a successful team and public access certification. This process provides each SDWR dog with a nurturing environment that helps lay the groundwork for an exceptional service dog.

At this time, we do not train “non-SDWR” dogs (such as pets) to become service dogs, nor do we conduct private training classes at SDWR.

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