27 Dec 2019

Service dogs are a vital part of many people’s lives. There is a canine partner for those who have a variety of disabilities, from autism service dogs to PTSD service dogs to diabetic service dogs. Those with disabilities can find comfort, support, and safety with their service dogs. These amazing dogs are trained to help those with disabilities recognize situations quickly or contact emergency services.

When a dog is trained specifically for diabetic alert purposes, they are able to give the sense of safety and support that may have been missing before. These dogs are trained to recognize various harmful signs and symptoms of diabetes so that they can be addressed beforehand or quickly supported.

Blood Sugar Alerts

One area that diabetic service dogs are trained in is blood sugar alerts. Dogs have more than 200 million scent receptors in their nose, compared to the five million that humans have. This means that these dogs are able to detect changes in a person’s breath when their blood sugar begins to drop. These incredible dogs can then gently alert their owner to the situation so they can remedy it.

Medication Retrieval

In the event that a person’s blood sugar has already dropped or begun to drop, a diabetic service dog is trained to retrieve things like juice or medicine. This takes the fear and stress out of the owner having to retrieve these items themselves while experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia. For many, this can prevent further debilitation in a hypoglycemic event. Essentially, these dogs can help make a situation better before it gets much worse.

Emergency Assistance

Diabetic service dogs are specially trained to wear a garment identifying them as a service dog. Within this garment, there is often an emergency sugar source, emergency contact information, and medical information. This helps anyone who notices a struggling diabetic give them the help that they deserve.

Having a service dog can be a huge improvement to a differently-abled individual. Service dogs are trained from a young age to be the patient and supportive companion that a person with a disability may have been missing. For more information on diabetic service dogs and more, rely on SDWR for more information.

Diabetic Service Dog Grant Opportunity

SDWR is pleased to announce our upcoming Diabetic Alert Dog Grant! Keep an eye out for the email about open enrollment. The grant program is for individuals in North America diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Multiple grants will be awarded. Be sure to follow our social media pages, check the SDWR blog, or sign up to receive our newsletter for important announcements regarding the Grants.