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Diabetic Alert

Diabetic Alert Dogs give every Diabetic a chance at safety and freedom. Learn about what our Diabetes dogs can offer you and your family.

Autism Service

With our Autism service dogs, your child can find independence and avoid self-harming behavior no matter where they are on the spectrum.

PTSD Service

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has developed a proprietary and unique program for training dogs to support veterans and children who are daily coping with post traumatic stress disorder.

Seizure Response

A seizure response dog gives the gift of security for those with epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Read more about how a seizure response dog can benefit you.

"Until There's A Cure . . . There's A Dog."

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Check out our new library of service dog videos. You can see service dogs in action and hear clients stories!

donate We help families find local resources to help offset the costs associated with the purchase & training of a service dog.* There are many ways to donate, including direct donations toward a family, Estate & Legacy Giving, and donations at events in exchange for merchandise such as bracelets or baked goods.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization