Breeding Stock Hosts

The success of our future service dogs is largely due to the generosity of volunteers who host our specially selected breeding dogs. These volunteers provide care and homes for breeding males and females throughout their lifetime and duties.


Breeding Stock hosts provide our breeding dogs with a special home over their lives. These amazing volunteers allow us to maintain high breeding standards and comfortable and loving living situations for our breeding stock moms and dads. Volunteers also help mom dogs whelp litters from their home during the first 6-7 weeks of age including first experiences, quality care, and exercise. This is an intense commitment that should be seriously considered before applying.

Obedience Training & Other Support

Our dogs thrive in home environments and perform best when they receive regular care and exercise . We recommend obedience training to help integrate the dog into your family. SDWR also provides emergency support and tons of resources for wellness and obedience training to assist our volunteer families.

Breeding Stock Host Job Description

The breeding stock host is a volunteer spot that provides homes to our dogs during the duration of their breeding life. Volunteers agree to take in an adult Labrador or Golden Retriever as needed by SDWR. This includes whelping litters of puppies after a stock mom gives birth and raising the litters for their first 6-8 weeks of age. We ask volunteers who host breeder stock moms and puppies to provide early experiences that are necessary to begin training for service dogs. This includes exercise, early manner training, and high quality of care and handling. This is a long-term commitment that has periods of more intense commitment while a litter of puppies in the home.


  • Physical ability to manage a host dog
  • Ability to care for and carry up to 15lbs.
  • Flexible and not afraid of getting a little dirty
  • Must be committed, capable, observant and punctual
  • Willing and able to take on financial and time commitments to caring for our breeding dogs. This is not a decision to make lightly.

Time Commitment and Scheduling

  • Hosting Volunteers start at 4 years commitment.
  • Be ready and able to host two litters a year.
  • Flexibility in schedule to care for animal

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