The SDWR Guarantee

  • Autism Service Dog Guarantee

    As leading service dog providers, SDWR has been the backbone for countless families across the globe in helping overcome the challenges found with autism. As we know, our Autism Service Dogs are the most valuable asset in providing independence to those affected by this invisible illness. They are capable of advancing any Autistic child in:

    Fewer Anxiety Provoked Meltdowns
    Better Reading Skill Sets
    Redirection from Harmful Behavior
    Increased Social Interaction


    See Our Dogs In Action

    We also offer customized training plans that build the right tools for you and your child. There is no question that SDWR is fully committed to you, your child, and your service dog. We believe in fair opportunities to those who trust in our support as service dog providers. If you are considering investing in an Autism service dog, we want you to know that we do offer you Performance and Health Guarantees in the rare case that your service dog does not fulfill his or her duties.

    Autism Service Dog Testimony-

    "While our son was in school, I took my second son for his first run at the park ♥ he absolutely loved it. And I have to admit, it was very therapeutic for me. As a mom, always crying for a child with special needs and working full time, it's hard to decompress. Toby is such a miracle worker for us. "-Jessica
  • Diabetes Alert Dog Guarantee

    Over the years, we’ve watched our Diabetic Alert Dogs change lives. The lives of families, Diabetics, and loved ones all affected by this invisible disability. Through our rigorous and highly structured training program, our Diabetic Alert Dogs are capable of (but not limited to):
    Detecting high and low blood sugar in 20-40 Minutes before they occur
    Retrieving 3rd party support
    Retrieving medication and food- Necessities and Essentials
    Dialing 911 on a special device
    Completing Public Access Training: testing and certifications

    If miracles aren’t proof enough, SDWR has taken the initiative to back our service dogs by science. Read our partnership study with University of Virginia to find scientific evidence proving the tangible benefits our Diabetic Alert Dogs.

    By nature of our dedication, we take care of you, your family, and your service dog every step of the way. That’s why we offer Performance and Health Guarantees to anyone and everyone who trusts in the SDWR mission.

    Click here to see our diabetic alert dogs in action.


    Diabetes Alert Dog Testimony

    "For the past twelve years I have had Diabetes, my A1C has been in the high 9s. That was, until I got Rue! Three weeks after getting Rue, I had an Endo appointment and I found out that, in those three weeks, my A1C went from an 9.5 to an 8.6!!! I was so proud of her and all she had done for me already! But it doesn't stop there. This past Wednesday, I had my annual Endo appointment and found out my A1C had gone down to a 7.0!!!!!! I have never ever been in the 7s!!!! We were beyond excited and my Doctor could not stop thanking Rue for all she has done to keep me healthy!!! Needless to say, we celebrated with some frozen yogurt! And of course, Rue got some too ;) Thank you Warren Retrievers for my amazing angel!!"
    - Katie
  • Seizure Response Dog Guarantee

    SDWR takes pride in helping the fear and anxiety for those living with a seizure disorder. If you suffer from frequent seizures, our seizure response service dogs can help you live a fulfilled and independent life. Our seizure disorder dogs are constant companions to help with protection and stability with your invisible disability. With ceaseless support during and after your seizure, you can always find trust through your SDWR seizure alert dog.

    We Train Our Seizure Alert Dogs To Help With The Following:

      Activate a life-alert system
      Guard person from public as they experience a seizure
      Retrieve Food and Medication after a seizure
      Act as a brace to help individual up



    Seizure Response Testimonials

    "Jerzy has done a wonderful job at responding to her seizures.  He responds on almost a daily basis.  Though, he may not catch every seizure he does a great job at comforting her after the seizure.  Everyone at SDWR has been amazing.  The trainers worked great with us and we're always so patient and helpful." - The Verrill Family