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Taking the Edge Off Aspergers

*+-The world can be full of unexpected challenges that we all face. While this is true for anyone, those affected with Aspergers have an especially difficult time. Limited communication and social skills often interfere with everyday life and can cau

Keeping Epilepsy Under Control

*+-As an invisible illness, living with epilepsy can be complicated. If you or a loved one suffer from epilepsy, you know the side effects can cause struggles that most people don’t see. At Service Dogs for Warren Retrievers, we train our seizure a

Autism Dogs for a Cause

*+-Autism is an invisible illness that affects thousands of families and individuals. If your loved one lives with autism, you have experienced how the general public might not fully understand autism. Others may not understand how your loved one may

Overcoming Defiance with an Autism Service Dog

*+-At SDWR, we’ve met many autism care takers who claim defiance is their most difficult issue in caring for autism. Defiance doesn’t just come with stress, it can come with danger and it’s after effects. If you can relate, read on to learn how

SDWR Review: Autism Dogs Change Lives

*+-SDWR service dogs are trained to provide what others cannot always provide to those on the spectrum: safety, love and help in leading a more fulfilled life. Our unique service dog training program gives assistance dogs for autism the capabilities
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