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4 Ways to Raise Autism Awareness

  Autism affects thousands of individuals and families on a daily basis. As a leading non-profit for autism dogs for kids, we take responsibility to raise public awareness for one of the most common invisible illnesses. Whether you’re affected

Service Dogs & Epilepsy: The Facts

At SDWR, we identify closely with those who come to us for an answer to the hindrances of a seizure disorder. Though dogs for people with epilepsy can bring an endless amount of support and safety, there are still services that our seizure dogs can n
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One of the Best Service Dog Providers

  It’s no surprise that SDWR ranks as one of the top service dog providers. But as we would know first hand, being the best doesn’t come easy. We’ve worked long and hard to make miracles happen for those affected by Diabetes, Autism, Asper

Lighten the Complications of a Seizure Disorder

    Seizure disorder is a serious condition for those who suffer from its’ complications. The complex issues which arise are difficult to remedy, and though you can’t avoid seizures, you can lessen the burden through the benefits of

Autism Dogs for a Peace of Mind

    Parents or guardians of Autistic children face countless challenges in daily life. Keeping your Autistic child calm, protected, and safe can take all of your attention and energy, and leave you feeling distressed. Fortunately, there is