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PTSD Service Dogs and Flashbacks

SDWR Service Dogs Did you know that a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Service dogs can provide a great deal of emotional support to the survivors of trauma? Has your PTSD kept you from living independently? Experiencing a traumatic event can trigger longstanding PTSD but here at SDWR we can help you heal. Because experiencing a traumatic event like; combat, […]

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Should a Child Get a Service Dog?

Should a child get a service dog?   Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers offers its services to those affected by Autism, Seizures, PTSD, and Diabetes, no matter if the patient is young or old. We believe that both adults and children benefit from having a service dog by their side. We get many questions a day about details pertaining to […]

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More Than a Dog

More Than a Dog According to the Code of Federal Regulations for the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA) of the United States, a service animal is a “guide dog, signal dog, or other animals individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.” Each and every day SDWR service dogs significantly impact their […]

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Service Dog

  1. Sense of security. Those with disabilities tend to feel vulnerable. Having a service dog by ones side allows the patient to relax and feel like they’re safe. Those suffering from PTSD can feel like they always have a set of eyes watching over them. While others suffering from diabetes, autism, or seizures have a companion who knows how […]

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How To Be Selected By SDWR

From the start of your process with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to get your tailored to you service dog , SDWR is 100% committed to being as efficient and caring as possible. We truly believe in putting the needs of our delicate clients first. SDWR has developed a unique client-based program for not only the training of our service dogs, but […]

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Star Telegram Article

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