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Overcoming Defiance with an Autism Service Dog

*+-At SDWR, we’ve met many autism care takers who claim defiance is their most difficult issue in caring for autism. Defiance doesn’t just come with stress, it can come with danger and it’s after effects. If you can relate, read on to learn how

How to Solve the Biggest Challenges with Autism

*+-In the face of Autism, there are innumerable challenges caretakers face while raising an Autistic family member. At SDWR, we’ve listened and provided solutions to those very issues, only to help enhance the lives of those with Autism. Because SD

Everything You Need to Know About Service Dogs

*+-If you are considering adopting a service dog from SDWR, you likely have a lot of questions. From understanding the lifestyle adjustments to what qualifies you for a service, it’s important to get all the information about this new addition to y

Service Dogs and SDWR

*+-SDWR is proud that we can bring so much hope and enlightenment in someone’s life simply by doing what we love.  We provide people with disabilities a highly trained Service Dogs to help manage their everyday life.  We would like to talk a litt

Why We Are Proud to Be SDWR

*+-We have all been told it is impolite to brag, however; here at SDWR believe there is a huge difference between humble pride and bragging.  We are proud of our humble Service Dogs and we are proud of our achievements but most of all, we are proud
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