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Access to Airports by Individuals with Disabilities

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announces the availability of draft Advisory Circular, (AC) 150/5360-14A, Access to Airports by Individuals with Disabilities, for public review. This AC will provide guidance and recommendations for ensuring access to airports by individuals with disabilities. The draft AC substantially revises and incorporates regulatory updates and recommendations for Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) at airports. The draft AC was rewritten to improve readability, an
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Why Autism Service Dogs Matter

    Why do Autism Service Dogs matter? As a newer member to the service dog world, we find that so many families aren't aware that such a service dog exists. This month, SDWR celebrated Autism Awareness month. Through videos, photos, and personal stories we wanted to highlight not only the way our auti
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Service Dog Denied Access: An Open Letter

March 31, 2016 Mr. Steve Joyce, CEO Choice Hotels 1 Choice Hotels Circle Suite 400 Rockville, MD  20850   RE:  Connie Bargerstock, General Manager Comfort Inn & Suites, 3501 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI   Dear Mr. Joyce:   On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, there was an incident where a couple who have a
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Autism Service Dog Reviews- SDWR

Autism Service Dog Reviews- SDWR Just in case, the SDWR performance guarantee or our "Service Dogs In Action" page doesn't display how powerful our dogs can be, we'd like to share some Autism Service Dog reviews. Below you will find a letter from one of our recipient families. Want more letters? Click here. A Family's Autism Service Dog Review Dear Friend of SDWR, I still remember the day I first talked to you abou
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Diabetic Alert Dog Scams: An SDWR Take On News

The past few months, there have been a lot of rumors circulating about organizations with Diabetic Alert Dog Scams. SDWR is troubled by the news of organizations that take advantage of families with diabetes for their own gain. While we feel that our hundreds of happy families speak for themselves, SDWR cannot remain silent when words like "scam" are used.  We want to shed some light on our process because our organization has some positive press to share. In response to these Diabetic Alert Do
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