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SDWR Partner Calling Epileptic Patients For Clinical Trial

SDWR does not endorse or participate in clinical studies conducted by Onsite Clinical Solutions. SDWR only supports the distribution of information and awareness for invisible disabilities.    This is a breakthrough treatment, and OnSite Clinical Solutions hopes it’ll change the way seizure disorders are treated in the future. While participating in the study, patients will receive medication, office visits with Dr. Nahouraii and all seizure testing is
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Life Saving Dogs For Diabetics

All credit and rights to the article go to Modern Dog Magazine at
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Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Delivers Diabetic Alert Dog

Pleasant Plains, Illinois - November 28, 2016 - ( On November 28, Aaron, a 37-year-old with Type 1 Diabetes of Pleasant Plains, Illinois, will be welcoming into his home a Diabetic Alert Dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Aaron’s dog, a Labrador Retriever named “Samson,” has already received thousands of hours of training as a diabetic alert dog and it will continue to learn under the careful guidance of a
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10 Reasons A Diabetes Alert Dog Can Change Your Life

1. A Sense of security. Those with disabilities tend to feel vulnerable. Living with diabetes can be isolating and scary. Whether you live alone, or you're afraid of your child being away from you, a Diabetic Alert Dog provides essential alerts and security. 2. Confidence to leave the comfort of your home. Many diabetics avoid leaving their homes out of fear that they will be vulnerable and in danger, that the p
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SDWR Review- Autism Service Dog

SDWR, This morning I write to you in relief. A relief that a tired mother of a child on the severe end of the autism spectrum rarely gets. Carter has had nose bleeds for around 3 years. They are bad, he panics when he bleeds and that makes things worse. We have cauterized his nose, we have made trips to the ER, we have been at our wit's end. Our biggest problem has been that by the time I am aware of his nosebleeds it is already so bad it is almost impossible to control. Almost two years a
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