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10 Reasons A Diabetes Alert Dog Can Change Your Life

1. A Sense of security. Those with disabilities tend to feel vulnerable. Living with diabetes can be isolating and scary. Whether you live alone, or you're afraid of your child being away from you, a Diabetic Alert Dog provides essential alerts and security. 2. Confidence to leave the comfort of your home. Many diabetics avoid leaving their homes out of fear that they will be vulnerable and in danger, that the p
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SDWR Review- Autism Service Dog

SDWR, This morning I write to you in relief. A relief that a tired mother of a child on the severe end of the autism spectrum rarely gets. Carter has had nose bleeds for around 3 years. They are bad, he panics when he bleeds and that makes things worse. We have cauterized his nose, we have made trips to the ER, we have been at our wit's end. Our biggest problem has been that by the time I am aware of his nosebleeds it is already so bad it is almost impossible to control. Almost two years a
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SDWR Review: A Family’s Letter About Their Diabetic Alert Dog

Dear SDWR, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for our family. When I entered this program my intentions were to get a dog for my children. I never dreamed I would connect and grow to love everyone in the organization. You all have been here for us through thick and thin, for our victories and our downfalls always there to lend a word of encouragement even when I was in tears and done. I have called you in tears and you all have always been my biggest fa
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Leap of Faith: Making the Fundraising Commitment

(The following is a brief blog written by an SDWR family with an Autism Service Dog as a reflection on the fundraising process.) I've probably said before that my Facebook newsfeed is full of autism sites. I follow bloggers and personalities who speak and write about autism. One, in particular, is currently trying to save an organization that provides autism service dogs. This organization in particular trains seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Those dogs who don't fit the temperament to
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A New Fallen Officers Puppy Program “FOPP”

In January of this year, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers announced a new project entitled “Fallen Officers Puppy Program—FOPP” a new initiative dedicated to continuing the legacy of community service shown by officers killed in the line of duty by naming future service dogs after fallen officers.  Little did the Organization know at that time, or could ever imagine, that in the not so distant future,  our Country would be faced with the emotional upheaval experienced in the past few we
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