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Puppy Raising Program

Raise a Puppy for SDWR


Puppy Raiser Program:

Where the Journey Begins

Our Puppy Raisers Program are volunteer families who agree to welcome a service dog into their home. These homes are where our young puppies’ training and socialization takes an important turn; it is here that they become comfortable with home life, learn basic obedience, and begin to experience the world through the love an dedication of our volunteer families.

Puppy raisers will be asked to take our puppies everywhere—to work, out to eat, on trips, and even grocery shopping. This real-world training imitates the experiences that our service dogs need to successfully help become the best service dog possible for our clients.

The Puppy Raising Program experience requires a great deal of commitment, time, energy, and focus. It’s an unforgettable and rewarding experience, and most puppy raisers choose to participate again and again.

One of the hardest parts of the program is saying goodbye to this wonderful service dog that our volunteers have helped train.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for our Puppy Raiser Program, review the FAQ’s, take our online self-assessment and submit your application.

If you need further information prior to submitting an application, contact, Cheri Campbell, Director of Training at

How do I apply to become a Puppy Raiser?

If the time is right, you can start the process by completing our secure online application to start your journey:

Once we receive your application, we will review your information with our staff and contact you if we have more questions. Should your application be accepted, we will need to set up a home visit.


Upon approval and successful completion of a background check, we will place you on our puppy waiting list. Wait time can vary.

Puppy Raiser Application

First Name * Last Name *
Email Address *
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Postal Code * Country *
Timezone * Best Time To Contact You *
Have you ever personally obedience trained a dog? In classes or your house?
Primary Raiser Name * Occupation/Work Hours: *
Primary Raiser Age * Other Members Names and Ages *
Is anyone in the home allergic to animals? *
Would you take take either male or female? If no why? *
Do you have other dogs? *
How do they react to other people?
Breed? Are they house dogs or outside dogs?
Gender? When do you want to get a puppy? *
Neutered? Spayed? * How many hours a day will the puppy be left alone? *
Where will the puppy be when you aren't home? *
Growing puppies need 20 minutes of fast walking or vigorous play twice a day in addition to many hours of interaction with the family. Are you willing to provide daily exercise before and after school or work? *
Will you agree always to keep the puppy on a lead or supervised within an enclosed area when it is out of doors? *
At Least 5 times a week, the puppy needs to be taken to sidewalks, around people, to varied areas and, as they mature, to busy towns. You must devote all your attention to the puppy alone for this kind of socialization. Are you willing to do this? *
Do you have suitable transportation? *
What kind of home do you have? *
Is the family willing to travel to a central location before you get a puppy and after for subsequent quarterly puppy evaluation meetings and obedience training classes? *
Will you agree to attend quarterly evaluation meetings and obedience training classes? *
Please tell us why you want to raise a SDWR puppy. *
Do you feel that you will be able to emotionally handle the separation when the puppy is returned to SDWR for formal Service Dog training? *
How did you learn about SDWR Puppy Raising Program? *
Do you feel you will be able to incorporate the puppies traing into your everyday responsibilities? *
A requirement of being in our Puppy Raising Program is having a home inspection. Are you willing? *
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Do you own your home? *
Your Vet's Name *
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