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How To Be Selected By SDWR

From the start of your process with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to get your tailored to you service dog , SDWR is 100% committed to being as efficient and caring as possible. We truly believe in putting the needs of our delicate clients first
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The Best Service Dog Provider

From start to finish, the SDWR process is efficient and caring. We put those with disabilities and special needs first in order to supply them with the dog they need. SDWR is truly a caring and loving non-profit centered on finding need and filling i
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Service Dog Fundraising Plans

In our previous post we discussed the reasons behind the SDWR fundraising methods. To follow up, let us break down the fundraising expectations and assistance offered through the best service dog provider. While the pricing seems large, the help you
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Twas the Day I got Scout

Small children are squirming not wanting to sleep, because tonight is the night they have been waiting for. Christmas day is tomorrow! What can possibly better? How about a fun story to get you in the mood? Now, for your enjoyment Service Dogs by War
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Puppy Love

Who will you be catching under the mistletoe this year? Puppy love could result in some sloppy kisses from your K-9 best friend, but it can also be one of the best experiences ever. Take this Warren family’s story as an example:   Recently
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