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Interesting Facts about Labrador Retrievers

-+*When it comes to our Service Dogs, there are a lot of talents they have that we might consider, well, pretty impressive. The Labrador retriever has been used in more areas of service to humankind than any other breed.  Not only are they excellent

How to Help Autistic Children Overcome Their Fear of Dogs

-+*We have gotten quit a few inquires about our SDWR Service Dogs from parents who have autistic children with a fear of dogs.   With all the benefits that an Autistic Service Dog can provide, it is no wonder why parents want to know if their child

Why We Are Proud to Be SDWR

-+*We have all been told it is impolite to brag, however; here at SDWR believe there is a huge difference between humble pride and bragging.  We are proud of our humble Service Dogs and we are proud of our achievements but most of all, we are proud

How Does A DAD Work?

-+*At SDWR we understand that when you or someone you love has diabetes, worry is a constant problem in your life that is why we train DAD (Diabetic Alert Dogs). Diabetes can run your life and many people worry that they will be unable to lead indepe

Caring For your Service Dog in Public

-+*Caring for your service dog in public can be tricky. When most people see a beautiful, well behaved dog their first reaction is to want to say hello and pet them.  However; it is so important that we educate the public that our Service Dogs are n
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