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Everything You Need to Know About Service Dogs

If you are considering adopting a service dog from SDWR, you likely have a lot of questions. From understanding the lifestyle adjustments to what qualifies you for a service, it’s important to get all the information about this new addition to your
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Can a Landlord Deny You Housing Because of a Service Dog

Can a Landlord Deny You Housing Because of a Service Dog? This question comes up more often than you’d think.  People want to know if they can be denied housing from a home owner or rental company when trying to rent a house/apt because of the
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SDWR Service Dogs: Community Minded

Service Dogs Bring Us Together SDWR provides service dogs to those with invisible illnesses, but they really do much more. When you adopt one of our service dogs, whether it is a seizure response or Diabetic Alert Dog, you become a member of a nation
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Service Dogs and SDWR

SDWR is proud that we can bring so much hope and enlightenment in someone’s life simply by doing what we love.  We provide people with disabilities a highly trained Service Dogs to help manage their everyday life.  We would like to talk a little
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Interesting Facts about Labrador Retrievers

When it comes to our Service Dogs, there are a lot of talents they have that we might consider, well, pretty impressive. The Labrador retriever has been used in more areas of service to humankind than any other breed.  Not only are they excellent se
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