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Diabetic Alert Dogs and Sundance Film Festival

-+*SDWR is proud to be a part of such an amazing film. This year’s Sundance Film Festival features the documentary ‘Midnight Three & Six’ which shows a mother’s efforts to manage her daughter’s daily struggle with a life-th

Puppy Raisers for Service Dogs

-+*SDWR is a community oriented organization. Everything we do, we try and involve as much of the diabetic and donor community as possible. Often friends and families of Diabetics ask how they can give back to SDWR and our answer is always this: beco

Seizure Response Dogs: Free From Fear

-+*If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Epilepsy we want you to know that you are not alone. SDWR understands that not all disabilities are the same and living with Epilepsy can be extremely scary.  In order to help you gain more independen

Our Diabetic Alert Dogs Represent A New “Breed”

-+*Constant Companions Diabetic alert dogs, also knows as DADs, are representing a new “breed” of service dogs to assist those in need. When people think of Service Dogs, they typically think of a dog accompanying a person with a physical disabil

How To Be Selected By SDWR

-+*From the start of your process with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to get your tailored to you service dog , SDWR is 100% committed to being as efficient and caring as possible. We truly believe in putting the needs of our delicate clients fi
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