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SDWR Grant Winner Gives Us an Insider’s Perspective on Autism Dogs

-+*It’s been about six months since we announced our service dog grant winner: author, blogger, and mother Jeannie Davide-Rivera. Jeannie herself has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and like every other autism care taker, spends her time

What We’ve Learned From Pilot, the Diabetic Alert Dog

-+*One of our favorite Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Testimonials When we get a chance to see our service dogs change lives, it’s natural we want to share with our community. Today’s blog  focuses on a video from the Hummel Spotlight, which

Diabetic Alert Dogs and Sundance Film Festival

-+*SDWR is proud to be a part of such an amazing film. This year’s Sundance Film Festival features the documentary ‘Midnight Three & Six’ which shows a mother’s efforts to manage her daughter’s daily struggle with a life-th

The SDWR Process

-+*The SDWR Process SDWR is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to live a more productive, independent lifestyle.  That is why we will not let someone’s inability to pay stop them from receiving assistance from our Service Dogs.  We off

Seizure Response Dogs: Why They Work

-+*For those suffering with epilepsy, SDWR understands how scary it is when you are out of control and a Seizure Response Dog can save your life. Dealing with this disease is a specialty of SDWR. From birth to placement, we shape our service dogs to
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