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Categories Health and Training

Diabetic Alert Dogs and Sundance Film Festival

SDWR is proud to a part of such an amazing film. In this years, Sundance Film Festival, features the documentary Midnight Three & Six which shows a mother’s efforts to manage her daughter’s daily struggle with a life-threatening condition: T
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Preparing Your Service Dog for Winter Days

If you’ve invested in SDWR, you know that service dogs provide an amazing difference. That’s why we want to ensure that your service dog is cared for and loved. As the winter months come around, you might have to put in extra in keeping your serv
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What is a “Seizure Response Dog”?

  Seizure response dog is often the name you see or hear when the subject is in the air. Are you familiar with what the term means? SDWR provides it’s clients with trained Seizure Response dogs. What this means is the Service Dog is trained to

The SDWR Process

The SDWR Process SDWR is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to live a more productive, independent lifestyle.  That is why we will not let someone’s inability to pay stop them from receiving assistance from our Service Dogs.  We offer
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Blood Sugar Tips For Our Type 1 Community

Knowing how to manage your Type 1 Diabetes is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having Low Blood Sugar can be extremely dangerous for someone who has T1D.  Unfortunately, it’s not difficult for someone’s insulin levels to get low.  Si
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