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Autism Dogs for a Peace of Mind

    Parents or guardians of Autistic children face countless challenges in daily life. Keeping your Autistic child calm, protected, and safe can take all of your attention and energy, and leave you feeling distressed. Fortunately, there is

Why We Love Our Service Dogs (And Why You Should, Too!)

  It’s no surprise we spend a lot of time around therapy dogs. From years of breeding, training and raising service dogs, we’ve come to learn what makes them incredibly special. And it’s not just us. Everyday, we receive countless success

Puppy Raisers for Service Dogs

SDWR is a community oriented organization. Everything we do, we try and involve as much of the diabetic and donor community as possible. Often friends and families of Diabetics ask how they can give back to SDWR and our answer is always this: become
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Why Be A Service Dog Trainer for SDWR

Dogs are amazing creatures and they are capable of so much. And, if you are a dog lover you probably already know that.  Have you ever thought about wanting to be a Service Dog Trainer?  Have you always felt you had a special connection with dogs?
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What is a “Seizure Response Dog”?

  Seizure response dog is often the name you see or hear when the subject is in the air. Are you familiar with what the term means? SDWR provides it’s clients with trained Seizure Response dogs. What this means is the Service Dog is trained to