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Glucose Tabs

Had to share – wonderful story from a family ! Thanks for sharing ! Jasper’s been alerting for just under an hour, insisting she’s low. We checked Maggie Lou’s blood 2x to be sure & she was in range. He’s continued
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ALWAYS watching

Have to love these posts from families ! Shadow is amazing. He just woke me up by sitting in the doorway of my bedroom whining & whining. He must have been there several minutes before I finally realized it wasn’t part of a dream. I asked
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Erin & Savior

Starting off a Monday the right way ! ~ Love emails like these … Dan I just wanted to write you really quick to tell you we loved Erin she was great at training us and Savior. She was really patient considering Aunreana was pretty much on her
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A Powerful Email

Wow… some powerful words from a wonderful family and their Service Dog by Warren Retrievers… How do you respond to such a powerful email… thanks Jesica We have an issue. After having Elvis and loving him the way we do, it will never
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