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*+-Earlier today Em & her Meme checked and she was 127. They drove about 10 min home and Skittles met them at the door nudging Meme’s leg repeatedly, over & over. He continued to follow them around nudging her leg until it dawned on my

Life of a Type 1 Diabetic

*+-Today we bring you another story that shows just how fragile the life of a Type 1 Diabetic can be. Most people have never realized just how fragile life is for those of us with Type One Diabetes. Because Type One is such a small percentage of all

High and Low (Diabetic Service Dog)

*+-Two more amazing stories, about amazing Service Dogs from Warren Retrievers! Two completely different alerts, (one high, one low) but both equally important to keeping their owners healthy! Rylie Ann never ceases to amaze me even after having her

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