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Our Team

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has an amazing team put together to make everything possible.

Dan Warren, Founder and President of Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Dan Warren Founder and President of Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. He believes that individuals, who struggle with invisible disabilities often will benefit from having a canine companion in their lives to enhance quality of life, provide hope, independence and peace of mind. It is Dan’s personal goal to bring hope and peace until a cure is found for these disabilities and does believe until there is a cure – there is a dog.



Cheryl, National Director of Outreach

Cheryl joined Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers in June of 2012. She came to us from JDRF and was the Outreach Manager in Upstate New York. She has an extensive background in Marketing & Finance and spent most of her career working for banks.

In her community she was the leader of a fundraising campaign that raised over $250,000 in a 3 year period in order to put a football team on the field for the local high school. She resides in Upstate New York with her husband and has 3 children – her oldest son is in the Marines, her daughter (who was diagnosed with T1D) is a graduate of college, and the youngest is finishing up high school.

“I came to SDWR to make a difference in lives of anyone who has an invisible disability and hope to bring peace and a better quality of life”.

Eventually Cheryl will be moving to Virginia to continue to grow our administrative team but for now she works from home and travels to our clients.

Master Trainer: Cheri Campbell

Cheri’s experience includings being a Trainer of Narcotic Detection Dogs for 5 years. She has been training Diabetic Alert Dogs for 3 1/2 Years.

I love training dogs and wanted to use my ability to help others in need. SDWR does many things that other programs do not. We use puppies, and start the training early. We do not discriminate against age, location or amount of money an individual makes. We do not require all money up front before getting a dog, you have almost 3 years from the time the deposit is placed to pay for your dog. We come to each family and deliver the dogs, they do not travel to use. We travel to the family for the next 2 years to continue the next phases of our program. Our families have constant contact with a trainer, as they need it.

Phil, Havah, Dex & Delta

Phil, Havah, Dex & Delta

Trainer: Phil Farris
has been a trainer for over eight years. Phil’s father, grandfather and grandmother were diabetics, so he is familiar with invisible disabilities.

He was the District Trainer in Tidewater for PetSmart for 6 years. Phil trained and evaluated other trainers.

Phil was introduced to Warren Retrievers through one of our families. Little did he know Riley-Anne was only the first Warren Retriever he would meet.

“I love making life easier for those with Diabetes through training D.A.D.s and their families. All of the staff is very knowledgeable. Trainers make visits to further training of dogs every 90 days and are not relegated to distance. There is no age limit to receive one of our dogs as with most other organizations. Constant contact is kept with our dog owners to ensure they have the assistance they need. Our dogs are guaranteed for 10 years. Great care is taken to make sure our clients receive a healthy dog. There isn’t an organization that cares more about our clients than we do.”

Additional Team Members that help us grow:

Shipping Manager – Jake
Administrator – Lorrie
IT Administrator – Percella