Our Service Dog Guarantee


 *The SDWR Performance Guarantee is dependent upon full completion of the SDWR training program.**

Logo_Black (1)At SDWR, we believe that you should always get the most out of your service dog provider. We want to prove your service dog is a worthy investment for you, and for us. By nature of our dedication, we take care of you, your family, and your service dog every step of the way.

The SDWR Difference

We’ve worked through different time zones, coasts, and countries to deliver some of the highest-quality and personable service dog training to families who are affected by an invisible illness. Our trainers travel to you over a period of 12-18 months. Including you in our training program is a priority, as we feel the human factor is more than half the battle, and that families need as much training and education as the dogs receive.

We understand there might be unseen moments where your service dog may not be performing as promised, either through health issues or other various reasons. Though these instances a very rare, we offer each of our clients a Performance and Lifetime Health Guarantee. Those considering a service dog can have a peace of mind knowing that SDWR stands behind both health and performance.

Before you commit to another organization, take the time to recognize SDWR’s dedication and accomplishments as service dog providers. Let us show you the SDWR difference.

Performance Guarantee

SDWR believes in providing fair opportunities to those who trust in our mission and invest in our service dogs and follow the training program. In the case that your service dog does not fulfill his or her capabilities after completing the SDWR training program, we offer a performance guarantee.

We do ask that if your service dog is not living up to his or her performance standards, you check that the following requirements are being met to ensure your service dog’s maximum performance:

  • The performance guarantee is contingent on client’s full completion of SDWR training program
  • Thoroughly follow our program guidelines
  • Submit alert logs weekly during your training period
  • Continuously communicate on a weekly basis during the training period with our training staff
  • Allow training visitations to occur as scheduled with the organization
  • Do not allow your pledge agreement to become delinquent
  • Do not miss more than one consecutive training visit
  • Allow SDWR full access to all veterinarian records
  • No actions contrary to the SDWR organization and staff members
  • Comply completely with our terms as outlined in our contract
  • Weekly Check-ins Through Our Website Are Required

If the dog does not perform, and we can not make it perform, we will provide a replacement after evaluations through our organization. No risk. It’s simple.

Lifetime Health Guarantee

Each service dog has a Lifetime Guarantee against inherited or genetic defects. In the case that your service dog does carry a health defect, you can consider replacing your service dog in accordance to SDWR’s Lifetime Health Guarantee, which states:

  1. ‘Lifetime’ is defined as a period of 10 years from the service dog’s date of birth. Defects or abnormalities present at the service dog’s birth may not manifest for months or years. ‘Genetic defects’ are defined as inheritable characteristics that can develop into a disability or disease. If the Lifetime Guarantee is in effect and a replacement service dog is then placed with client, then the original service dog must be returned to SDWR. All shipping costs are paid by the client.
  2. During the period of the Lifetime Health Guarantee, if a service dog meets an untimely death from unknown or readily undeterminable causes, it may be necessary to have a necropsy performed so that a more precise cause of death can be identified before SDWR can replace the dog pursuant to this Guarantee. If that is necessary, SDWR will assume all financial responsibility for the exam.
  3. The service dog is guaranteed to be healthy upon delivery to the client. A replacement will be given if service dog is found by a veterinarian to be unhealthy within thirty (30) days of delivery.
  4. SDWR makes no other warranty other than what is stated in the full Lifetime Health Agreement. Service dogs are sold as a service animal and no warranty is made as to their disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, markings or breeding ability.
  5. In the event client receives a replacement service dog from SDWR, all registration papers and veterinarian records for the replaced service dog must be returned to SDWR.

DISCLIAMER: This is only a summary of our guarantee. Contact us to learn more about SDWR’s complete Lifetime Health Guarantee. Our guarantee is contingent on completion of the SDWR training program. 


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